Is this Life?

Posted by The Open Page | 16th April 2018

 Is this Life?
Alone striding on the road 
at night,
Nothing around her,
nothing at her sight.
She is hearing steps
behind her back.
Feeling very scared,
everything is black.
So she decides to turn back,
full of fear,
Every step she takes,
feeling someone is coming near.
She is scared
that someone would take her away,

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Cheesey Gobhi

Posted by The Open Page | 20th November 2017

RECIPE : Cheesey Gobhi
Cauliflower, - 1 medium size Cut Into Florets 
Oil - wee bit

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Posted by The Open Page | 14th October 2017

I don’t know where to go
I don’t know what to do
I’m all alone in my bed
With my feet up in the air
My brother is drawing
My mother is on a call
I’m still thinking about something to do
But my mind is blocked
My cousins are all downstairs
And I’m stuck in my room
I wish to go outside and play
But I’m afraid that I will fall
There are so many things I can do
But still I’m getting bored
By:  Prem Hariyani

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Cabbage Patties

Posted by The Open Page | 22nd December 2017

RECIPE : Cabbage Patties / Cake
500 gms cabbage, finely chopped
2 medium green chillies, finely chopped
2 teaspoons garlic, finely chopped
2 teaspoons onion, finely chopped
For Binding
50 gms chicpea flour


Posted by The Open Page | 29th December, 2017

It was after so long that I had stepped out of this place called home,
stepped into freshness and liveliness.  
My lips Curved when I boarded the flight which was actually going to land at place I call Freedom.
I could see the blue sky, feel the tiny grass  touching my feet gently. 
I walked towards the light of happiness,
ended up being in a place which was surrounded with water.


Posted by The Open Page | 27th November,2017

The great scientist Alfred Nobel is being remembered for his work,mindset,character and for the inception of NOBEL PRIZE.
On 27th november 1895,Alfred Nobel signed his last will,donating a huge share of his wealth for the betterment and enrichment of the society. Alfred Nobel died in 1896,the 10th of december every year.
The Nobel Academy was established in 1901,w

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Your handwriting is the mirror of your personality

Posted by The Open Page | 17th December, 2017

“Your handwriting is the mirror of your personality” 
Good writing gives energy, whatever it is about-- Marilyn Hacker
Neat and beautiful handwriting always seeks the attention of others.
When we see a person, we judge him by his or her  appearance and with his or her personality. But when we see someone's written work, we judge him by his or her  handwriting. Handwriting is a part of our identity and is an esse

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Cycle of innovation

Posted by The Open Page | 4th December, 2017

Every Solution Leads to a New Problem- Cycle of  innovation
Was Invention of Motor Vehicle really a solution in all sense? No it lead to many problems like pollution, accidents, congestion etc.
Solution and problem are two opposite extremes. Whenever there was a problem there needed a solution for it. But the problem did never end; it continuously emerged in one form or the other. That is why every solution breeds a new problem. 

Pencil The Perspective

Posted by Krutarth Joshi | 1st December,2017

Pencil –The Perspective
                      Hello everybody, just imagine which was the our first favourite thing in our school bag ?  Yes , off course pencil. 
“MY PENCIL”, was our first word enterprise. The pencil gives six tremendous perspectives to achieve a successful as well as satisfied life. So, let’s enter in the world of satisfaction life along with the life of pencil.


Posted by The Open Page | 29th January 2018

•         150gms Semolina (raw for instant and dry roasted for masala upma)
•         ½  tsp mustard seeds
•         1 tsp cumin seeds
•         1 tbsp chana dal
•         ½ tbsp urad dal
•         1 tsp ginger crushed

Body shaming

Posted by The Open Page | 22nd January 2018

 Body shaming
I guess I was 5 years old,
When everyone said I am cute and bold.
Even though I had a lot of mass,
I wasn’t the discriminated one in the class.
But 12 years later,
Everything does matter,
 Marks , looks , weight and day by day I got fatter .
I didn’t really care,
But the way they treated me wasn’t fair.
They started this trend of body shaming 
and didn&rsq

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Knowledge s call

Posted by The Open Page | 22nd January 2018

 Knowledge’s call

Oh! Dear ..come closer and closer hear
I am looks so sober be a good robber
Waiting my lovely friend every time 
Remove hesitation so deep in well 
Spear little your time hear 
You are naughty curious user 
Your company lovely too   
Generous parity reader 
Dear give respect our treaty
Atul Pandya
SdJ International school

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Challenges are an opportunity to test you and rise to the next level

Posted by The Open Page | 27th February 2018

 “Challenges are an opportunity to test you and rise to the next level”
In my nature is there to know and to experience something new and go for discovery, I I like to challenge myself and keep interest  to learn therefore I I like to try new things and  keep myself growing. 
 And its reality that when you  least expect and wants easy and smooth life ,It  sets  a challenge to test your courage and willingness  at such a moment, there is no poin

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Posted by The Open Page | 24th February 2018

He screamed 'why why a girl, I hoped it was a boy'.
It's a burden on us now it's all because of you , all because of you.
Her mother cried , 'because of me your life now will be ruined'
I hope you die because if you live, it won't be a life worth living
One month later they made me marry a  boy I did not know nor I could say no,

8th Annual Art Competition

Posted by The Open Page | 24th November 2017

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Sabarmati Festival

Posted by The Open Page | 20th November 2017

Free Registration for Schools Hurry up


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How to make a cloud inside a jar

Posted by The Open Page | 11th April 2017

Have you ever wondered how clouds form? Using a only a few easy to find household items this hands-on activity will show you how.
This activity involves matches. For any activity involving fire have an adult present, water, a fire extinguisher and any other safety equipment needed.
You will need
rubber glove or balloon