Posted by The Open Page | 29th December, 2017

It was after so long that I had stepped out of this place called home,
stepped into freshness and liveliness.  
My lips Curved when I boarded the flight which was actually going to land at place I call Freedom.
I could see the blue sky, feel the tiny grass  touching my feet gently. 
I walked towards the light of happiness,
ended up being in a place which was surrounded with water.
 the sand was cold the sun rays were mild,
and what should I call it a perfect day?Adjectives, phrases are less to describe this place.
 I woke up and I could hear the sound of waves and not the  alarm.
I could walk around the garden surrounded with sunflower and not by my boring classmates.
 I could see the inner me being happy after so long.
that wasn’t my end because even if I want to travel I  can’t travel forever,
though I did not ever wanted to go,
but I had to achieve something else first,
then one by one the bubble of my dreams I will burst
Janwee Mukim 
Young Reporter's Club

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