Body shaming

Posted by The Open Page | 22nd January 2018

 Body shaming
I guess I was 5 years old,
When everyone said I am cute and bold.
Even though I had a lot of mass,
I wasn’t the discriminated one in the class.
But 12 years later,
Everything does matter,
 Marks , looks , weight and day by day I got fatter .
I didn’t really care,
But the way they treated me wasn’t fair.
They started this trend of body shaming 
and didn’t care who’s heart was paining .
But they found their happiness in it,
Teasing those who are not fit.
This world is filled of people with different size,
and everybody wishes to fly.
People need to understand,
Categorising people by their weight should be Ban.
People are taking medicines, having surgeries, working hard,
Only to fit in the society and then play their part,
Part of living and fulfilling their dreams, and 
Because according to the society 
Only those who weigh till 60 could dream and not the fatty.
And to all those who are above 60 kilogram,
You don’t stop spreading your charm.
You are way more beautiful than those who call them fit.
they would fall hard if anybody will hit 
and we won’t because we are in the category of strong.
We should be happy about it for long.
Janwee Mukim 

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