Is this Life?

Posted by The Open Page | 16th April 2018

 Is this Life?
Alone striding on the road 
at night,
Nothing around her,
nothing at her sight.
She is hearing steps
behind her back.
Feeling very scared,
everything is black.
So she decides to turn back,
full of fear,
Every step she takes,
feeling someone is coming near.
She is scared
that someone would take her away,
Oh god! This must be
a very bad day .
She has decided she will never
come back on this road .
After all this feels like
carrying a lot of load.
Sadly now, She has been
gone by the same
It had happened!
What she feared the name .
They only worried and screamed
Their warnings are invested, fool dreamt
if she had listened, they thought
But, tell me what, should the quest be submerged a lot?
Rescuers had no place for the day,
Neither will they today.
How long will things
be this way?
Why do people have to live with
this fear in their mind?
Why are there only
a few people left kind?
Then why are we taught
Tagore's "Where the mind is without fear "?
There are so many
weird things happening here.
Let's act upon the rude,
though the step is crude,
You cannot bring these lives
even with a million dimes.
Let's take a pledge,
and stop these being done,
for there will only be bad people,
and "good" left none.
- Avani Sood

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