Cycle of innovation

Posted by The Open Page | 4th December, 2017

Every Solution Leads to a New Problem- Cycle of  innovation
Was Invention of Motor Vehicle really a solution in all sense? No it lead to many problems like pollution, accidents, congestion etc.
Solution and problem are two opposite extremes. Whenever there was a problem there needed a solution for it. But the problem did never end; it continuously emerged in one form or the other. That is why every solution breeds a new problem. 
Since the inception of life when mankind was alone and uneasy; he found the solution by living in unity. But it was not the solution of his problem. When the societies grew in large proportion there erupted various forms of ideological, religious and territorial conflicts which led man towards destruction and oblivion. After the emergence of nation states which were meant to end the perpetual unwanted wars the world was divided into "we" and "they" The mighty and haughty attitude of big states devoured many a small ones. Hundreds of wars waged and millions of lives were lost. But no real solution to end this unwanted events came before. After the industrial revolution the world witnessed many stray ideologies of secularism, capitalism, and communism. It further compounded confusion. Neither the capitalist and secularist are satisfied nor the communist are happy. Their solution is momentary cessation of hostilities; they badly need a solution. 
The sense of insecurity grew further when the mortal men got Nuclear weapons in their hands. Though the atom was desired and meant to secure a nation from external onslaught but the present situations depicts that instead of being secured by atom, atom needs the security by men. 
Generally the state's institutions are formed to facilitate the interest of society. But what happens in our society those in charge of maintaining law and order and securing public interest are the actual looters, causing a great many troubles to society. The solution of maintaining law and order situation turned into a never sought situation; and this is the case with every government institution. 
With the industrial revolution around the world, the general need was felt to consolidate the industrial sector. We somehow embarked upon the journey of industrialization. The world echoed with the voices of 'climate change and environmental degradation'. Thus, the aspiration of men of industrial progress is causing degradation of our environment. The climate change has left severe affects upon our lives in general and environment in particular. Man's solution of industrialization brought him unending problems. 
We cannot get progress unless we are educated in modern technology. The modern education is generally in English. This has created sections in society: liberal modern English speaking elites and radicals and theologians. 
In search of enhancing agricultural production men embarked upon mechanization of agriculture. They used several technical methods to enhance fertility of soil. This agricultural revolution has had magnified production and made it easy to control. On the other hand hundreds of laborers became labor less, due to machination of agriculture. This solution has also generated many other problems. 
With the good health care facilities available easier than never the death ratio has been comparatively decreased. Many lives are being saved. Life expectancy has been enhanced. But again here the new problem haunts of population explosion. 
Man is running into 21st century where he may have everything at his heart's content. Media is a magnificent manifestation of his, perhaps, mindless endeavors. Media performs many a functions in our society including news, information and entertainment and business purposes. It is the milestone of 21st century which has caused shrinking of world space into a global village. The negative effects of media, which society is experiencing, were never taken into account before. Media is causing psychological disorder through bombardment of information of every sort, cultural schism and the globalization of immoral tastes and tendencies which we taste today. It has created a cultural vacuum by importing alien ideologies, contrary to our religious ethical values. 
Gone were the days when the lovers used to wait for days to have a correspondence from their beloved ones. Mobile phones have revolutionized our life. We are thankful to this small gadget. But it is causing many problems. Excessive mobile phoning has severe psycho- psychical effects. It is causing considerable amount of environmental hazards, too. 
Internet, in our life, is a recent phenomenon. It facilitates various socio economic and educational tasks. It has great educational and economical value. Social networking is permeating in every section of society. But it has many adverse effects. Pornography and internet addiction is causing individual isolation from society. 
Electricity is a vibrant force in changing our life through which we have turned every hut or house into light. Electricity is a contributing force towards revolutionizing our life. But this electricity takes lives, burns property and responsible for many other losses. 
There is never any eternal solution for any problem. Problems can never be solved in total but it can be lessened to a considerable level though employing tactful techniques. It’s an infinite loop.
But at the same time I believe eternal things know eternal solution. Only eternal thing I know is “Soul”. If you can make your soul connect to your mind via some mechanism like one mobile phone communicates with another ,you can probably get an eternal answer. That mechanism I believe is “Spirituality”.
What spirituality is and how it connects your mind, body and soul will try to explain in another article based on my very limited knowledge, my interaction with people and experiences.
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