Pencil The Perspective

Posted by Krutarth Joshi | 1st December,2017

Pencil –The Perspective
                      Hello everybody, just imagine which was the our first favourite thing in our school bag ?  Yes , off course pencil. 
“MY PENCIL”, was our first word enterprise. The pencil gives six tremendous perspectives to achieve a successful as well as satisfied life. So, let’s enter in the world of satisfaction life along with the life of pencil.
First message:-
                      The important part of pencil is it’s lid which is inside means inside is more important  than outside . So never judge anybody from outer personality, check his inside character. Same thing is applicable for our life. If we want to be successful in life . we need to improve our inside which is our- thought. If we make strong , positive  and creative thoughts inside us than outside black colour of inferority, jealousy, hypocracy will automatically become less important. The great APJ KALAM sir was not handsome  look wise but he had done a handsome job for the society by his inner beauty, so,  Inside world is more important, is the first message from the pencil.
Second message :- 
                        To do something or to come in action, we should borrow the burden of   sharpen, on our body, which hurts but helps to come in action. So as much we will borrow the pain we will come out in dynamic situation. So, be ready for pain to get success. Never forget pain is the part of procedure . The great Amitabh Bachan was rejected at All India Radio. But he accepted the pain of disrespect and sharpened his skills therefore now he is “ MAHANAYAK”
Third message :-
                         Once inner side is developed and you are ready to do something with pain, you will come in execution part of life and in that process you may make mistakes. But pencil teaches us ,“There is no permanent mistake , every mistake can be erased”. Because eraser is available to correct every mistake. So , don’t  be afraid of mistakes it can be erased with HARDWORK AND HONESTY . Every mistake enters a new opportunity .Thomas Alva Edison  performed 1000 times wrong experiments after that only he invented BULB. So,  Erase the mistake with eraser of learning and write a new beautiful word again.
Fourth message :-
                                As you grow in life trouble will disturb you and your mind stability may breakdown that time, learn from the pencil that “if you breakdown, make the action double” because whenever pencil breaks two sides get position of writing so, in the time of trouble  ,do the Introspection and with the conclusion make your effort double that is the awesome message we get from pencil.
Fifth message:-  
If we keep pencil in book, in our pocket or on a blank paper it  always leaves small or big mark on things. We need to learn to be careful with whatever work  we  do we have to do in such a perfect way that  they leave their mark. MEANS so many remarkable work is needed in every situation is the message.
Sixth message:-
The most important and effective message from the pencil is to be in a good hand then only your all effort, pain will come out as the best hand writing otherwise you will be considered as a common, So accompany  i.e friends, your favorite books & movies that are  good then only you can come out as the  best of life.
These are the six best messages from pencil for the life, but the most important thing is when pencil comes out from it’s open box then only, we are able to see the pencil. So to inculcate all these six messages, First of all we have to come out from our inbox-As an open minded person 
Best of Luck

Krutarth Joshi

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