Posted by The Open Page | 24th February 2018

He screamed 'why why a girl, I hoped it was a boy'.
It's a burden on us now it's all because of you , all because of you.
Her mother cried , 'because of me your life now will be ruined'
I hope you die because if you live, it won't be a life worth living
One month later they made me marry a  boy I did not know nor I could say no,
I was one month old 
No one  stopped  this act of 'Child marriage'
I wasn't taught maths, English but was taught  how to cook food and how to clean houses,
At the age of 7, they sent me to work in a factory so that I could contribute in the family's capital,
Though my muscles pained no one did even care 
It was decided I have to leave home when I will be 12
And stay with people I hardly know and having a husband 8 years elder to me 
He came home drunk every night 
And hit me  with a belt all the night 
God did bless me by killing him by the addiction he had 
Those  weren't the modern days, I was made to be sit with my dead husband,
I thought of running away but the fire caught me before I moved,
I was burnt but my soul was now set free.....
Janwee mukim (XII)

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