world Heart Day

Posted by The Open Page | 29th September 2017

HEART, a fist sized organ has taken all the attention in every walk of life.
“WORLD HEART DAY!!!!”,.  If this organ has already grabbed its central place in the whole body system, why do we have to create an awareness for its importance again?.
The above phrases were coined by people who lived hundreds of years back and had time or took time to feel their heart beat in its various rhythm as per their emotions. They could control their life themselves. They did not have technology to take them away from being with nature. Their hearts pumped happily. Times and technology has changed the lives of the present generation. Along with childhood, technology has taken hold of their daily life, which in turn, has taken away the health and happiness of this fist sized organ in their body. 
India has the largest population in the age group of children and young adults and it is strongly relying on this future generation to globally establish itself as one of the fastest developing country. As an educationist, dealing with this future generation, it is alarmingly sad to notice their weakness of falling prey to various illness and diseases. It’s taking toll on their heart. Dying of Heart attack was once only related to people over 50 years. But recent surveys claim that around one million people die of heart attack in a year which includes young children and youth. Diseases like diabetes and blood pressure is taking a toll on the hearts of these young children. They have surrendered to the syndrome, named, ‘STRESS’. Stress to compete with peers in studies, competitions, jobs, adapting & adopting new technologies, changing lifestyles, changing climate…. a lot to think, feel, do in 24hours!!!!! It’s a lot of work for the heart - what to do and what not to do?, what to think and what not to think ?. The heart which pumps 72 times per minute to purify and supply blood to the whole body, never resting, working beat by beat, second by second, cannot increase from 72 beats, in other words, is not able to cope with the wants and desires of the person in whom it is living. 
The change in the importance of profession from ‘Gurus (teachers)’, in olden times to ‘Doctors’ and ‘Engineers’ in the present, would have raised an alarm to the society that it is becoming sicker and sicker with the accumulation of technology. 
I am not against technology, but as an educationist, one of the analyses which could be a corrective measure to prevent blood pressure leading to a weak heart is the talking. Research says that the physical act of talking, public speaking, recalling anger, intense discussions all produce significant rise in the blood pressure. Most of us talk regularly and throughout the day, over time, the talks have become hostile and exaggerated. I can see and hear people talking loudly to draw attention or to get their points across. Swearing and curse words have become a norm. I would not go into the scientific explanation to the whole process of how it increases the blood pressure, but a sure hint is you can notice the doctor telling you to be silent when measuring your blood pressure. We are constantly in the process of putting our views across, that we sometimes forget that we have two ears which are in the shape of a heart when put together. In fact the word, EAR, is in between the word, ‘HEART’. So ‘listening’ is an important part of communication and good health too. Apart from this a good play, a good 7 hours of sleep would surely make our citizens, ‘healthy wealthy and wise’. 
If there is no health, there is no future, even for the country.

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