18 March - Ordnance Factories Day (India)

Posted by The Open Page | 18/3/2020

History of Ordnance Factory Day: It is a familiar fact that the Government of India declared Ordnance Factory Day as a celebration on 18 March every year. The Ordnance Factory Board is popularly called the "fourth weapon of defense" of the country. The remaining three are weapons - Navy, Air Force and Army. Each of them has its own celebration day. As ordnance factory is the fourth weapon of defense, the government felt the need to observe a special day as Ordnance Factory Day. The day was first announced on the 200th anniversary of the Ordnance Factory, that is, the Anthem Carriage Agency known as the Gun and Shell Factory established in the country in the year 1801 at Kosipur, Kolkata. For information, let us tell that in the year of 1775 the East India Company praised the foundation of the Ordnance Board at Fort William, Calcutta. It represents the official commencement of the Indian Army Ordnance. The aim of the Ordnance Factories is to generate self-sufficiency in the field of defense production and to create awareness about ammunition and weapons among the general public

Ordnance Factory Day is celebrated every year on 18 March in the country of India. The production of India's oldest Ordnance Factory factory in Kosipur, Kolkata was started on 18 March 1802. Ordnance Factory, Field Gun Factory, Small Arms Factory, Ordnance Parachute Factory and Ordnance Equipment Factory celebrate this day with great fanfare in Ordnance Factories in which employees of all categories participate in various organized events. This day commemorates the display of guns, ammunition, rifles, artillery etc. in exhibitions all over India. Exhibitions are usually open to all. The ceremony begins with a parade. Apart from this, photographs of several mountaineering expeditions are also displayed in the exhibition.

Ordnance Factory Day 2020 Special: Ordnance factories spread across the country make different types of weapons and war accessories. Due to the ordnance factories, India is becoming stronger by day by day promoting the resolve of Swadeshi in the defense sector. In view of their contribution to the defense and development of the country, the day of March 18 is made by the Government of India as Ordinance Factory Day. Like every year, Ordnance Factory Day was celebrated with much enthusiasm across the country. During this time various programs were organized across the country. Under this, Ordnance Factory Day was observed on 18 March in Ordnance Factory, Itarsi. During this time an exhibition was also organized there, where an exhibition of Ordnance Products was held

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