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Go a little slow, but try reading it all. At the outset a few questions will get you in the mood. There are phases in the education cycle from kindergarten to school to college to universities to jobs of all kinds – nation, community, entrepreneur, skilled, scientist, doctor …an extensive list. We are still at the start. So GET SET….wait don’t GO.
Here I am trying to make you understand how your planning, likes and choices will shape up your future academic decisions. You have been asked many a times what you want to be when you grow up and your diligent response, so prompt you should have said it a 100 times. Sit back your preference has changed by large and don’t worry if it changes a million more times. You grow, take in whatever comes your way and each time it gets the flair of the attribute that coincides with you.  
What after school?
Everyone needs to grow and go ahead. No more counting of 13, 14, 15 after XII but yes degrees matter along with value added learning through making up your mind.
What is Mind mapping?
It is the drawing of ideas and the relations among them. In our case it is choosing suitable further studies on interested field to learn and grow
What is Career?
A career is an individual's metaphorical "journey" through learning, work and other aspects of life. In simple words, what you want to be and ought to do.
What is Career choice?
The flowchart is again simple – assess your strength considering your entry level potential/ interest, explore the available options, shortlist the better ones and make the career choice accordingly but judiciously. 
What may be the dilemma amongst most of the esp XII students passing out?
If one is choosing a field of interest / study by chance and the second is opting the predetermined field by choice. What is your answer? Choose by chance or, by choice.
What are the major categories of possible career option courses (advanced studies) after XII?
In generic terms, if one is educational course, the other could be professional courses. Some attributes may help in the illustration: 
Continuation of studied  subjects Subject vary and wide
Lot of scope of study - varied Scope of study - concentrated
Continuation for further degree Continuation for further degree
Lacks skill component Skill, knowledge and competency
Optional career opportunities Specialized career opportunities
Who can counsel you on this?
Do you require any one, definitely, yes. Experience matters. The list is endless - elders, parents, friends, teachers, tutors etc. who come into the role of subject or professional counselors
What Is Counseling?
Counseling refers to the process of helping a person by providing guidance, moral support, and exploring solutions for the problems being faced, based on a good rapport and trust. 
What Is Career Counseling?
Career Counseling is a process that focuses on helping one understand one’s own self, as well as work trends, so that one can take an informed decision about career and education. 
Why Does anyone Need Career Counseling?
When you graduate from school, it is absolutely normal to get carried away by peers, suggested options at home, friends and relatives and also teacher insights apart from getting inclined through social media promotions like role models or you pick up something completely out-of-the-box which none accept or relish but agree for you to do it. To streamline and hand pick the selected few, you require career counseling to know 
What to study to be one ( zero down)
Where to go to study 
How to reach the right place to learn
Whom to check and when
Are there enough institutes to cater to
Are there enough qualified professors to bank on
Are there facilities and infrastructure to call it equipped
Does this exercise seem to accomplish your goal
Why is counseling exercise required for us?
You’ve heard the old saying “You don’t know what you don’t know.”  With career counseling, you will undoubtedly gain more knowledge about occupations, new certificate and degree programs, and what it takes to transition into a field that makes sense for you. Career Counseling is done during the ages 13-17 years (8th standard to 12th standard) when many changes take place in the lives of the students, both physical and emotional, so this time is which positively affects the choice. 
So don’t just jump or switch to courses/ options - assess your strength considering your entry level potential/ interest, explore the available options, shortlist the better ones and make the career choice accordingly but judiciously.
All the best for all your future endeavors

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