Open the window of your knowledge towards the human rights

Posted by The Open Page | 9th December,2017

Open the window of your knowledge towards the human rights!!!
Do we think its important!!!!!
Yes people as a whole would agree with its importance as it reflect the lowest graph required for the people to live with dignity and give right for their personal likings too of living with freedom and without hesitation  can choose their own way of living style in the society .
Related their freedom of democracy they have right to think and choose what kind of government they want to support and many issues are their where they can put their opinion and can raise their voice with proper channel. The human rights includes the fulfillment of the basic needs such as  food, cloth ,housing and now it includes  right to education too for every upcoming youth .In other term we  can say its very important for the society to know its importance as it guarantee the life, liberty, equality, security ,education, protection etc., But the most important thing is that  The rights which are framed should be voiced  in front of authorities with authority. Therefore  it is very important that every one  should be aware of his or her rights. If not ,can take help of legal advisors to know their rights, Now a days even  due to internet its has become global to know within a search of one  minute the rights of any of the country. Mobile has captured every individual and have connected as a whole with everybody. Thus now a day it have even become very easy to know your rights and all upgraded  of legal frames of the country. Due to technology the approach has become very easy to get the justice. In this 21st centaury  human rights  framed by the country ensures that all human being will  get  equal chance to develop themselves  by using the qualities like intelligence ,talent and conscience and  will hold the right to have the satisfaction of  her or his spirituality as per her or his likings and  can excel in the chosen carrier with the mentioned norms.  Many examples we can see in our country which has proved that human rights have given growth in all aspects to the person who have taken it  as an opportunity. Thus no one can force to do anything which you are not willing to do..This is also the human right.
It  is a universal standard and It is a component of every religion and every civilization.
To safe guard all the people  from grave and sustained violations of human rights , and its also  to protect  the population from the consequences of humanitarian crises, whether it is caused from  nature or due to   man- made, it is the prime duty of every state.
Universally announced the declaration of the Human rights are:
1. All living human being have freedom and equality: People are born free and have their own aspects of thinking and applying the ideas into implementation. According to the right all human being are treated in the same way.
2. No Discrimination is allowed: This right is for every living human being , This right prohibits to even  know the gender of the baby before birth. No differences are allowed in giving education, no difference in racism The right protect  not be  decimated on any of the part whatever our difference may be.
3.Freedom of living: Here people are protected to live according to their freedom and choice with safety. No outsider can interfere in their personal independency .In India , still Indian culture has given right to interfere and give  their opinion on their children and on their blood relatives people, It will not be the offence but to force them to do the things which can take their freedom and can harm their life becomes offence. 
4. Nobody can make slave to  an individual , ,society , state or  country: Doing service is a different things, but no body hold right to make you a slave , So what your ancestor may be salve but now the this right makes you free to enjoy you freedom. No one can claim on human that he or she is his or her property.
5. Rights defence from being tortured: This right protects from being tortured whether it is physically or mentally. No body hold right to hurt you or torture you for any of the reason. This right protects you to come up with your un happening situations and its your right to live  comfortable without mental stress.
6. All human being holds the same right to use the  law to get justice: The law framed is equally applicable to all the human being falling in the same situation. Influence , your position, your personality, your designation, your money etc., are set aside when you are found as a  culprit. So All person are same in the eye of law .  
7.Trust on law is protected : The law which is framed must be fairly applicable to all the human being with the same intention to protect their rights and it should not be vary what so every the matter or the person  be influential then only the trust  of people will be there on the law.
8.Cout should treat all the cases with the responsibility: If we find that our human rights are violated by some one it can be approached to the court and it’s the duty of the court to hear it properly and give you the justice.
9.No body can be put in prison: right  to move freely ,  cannot be taken by anyone as no body has right to put any body in prison .Only authority has a right to give imprisonment after the person is proved guilty in the court else if done by anyone else is a consider as a crime. 
10. Trial rights are there: The trial should be done in front of public and they cannot be interrogated personally by the opposition party. The person on trial cannot be forced to do anything forcefully.   
11. The person is not culprit  until he is proved guilty:  Until the guilty of the person is proved in the court and  the person is found guilty by the authority  he is consider innocent only. But it is right of every person to show point out the things which are bad in the society.
13.Person have right to asylum: If a person is not comfortable in his or her country due to any reason he can move to other country also for safety and that country allow for stay as per the case.
14.Nationality right: It’s a right of every individual to have country citizenship where the person is born. Like every person is recognized by his or her name same every person have the individual right to have country name on the bases of the native place.
15.Every grown-up has a  right to marriage and to make a  family:  The child according to the mention norms of grown-up age  has liberty to do marriage and to get separate  according to his or her choice. Nobody legally can interfere their decision. 
16.right of your belongings: If a person hold anything which is his or her belongings then nobody has a right to take it without your permission. Taking pencil ,rubber, etc, pen without asking  to the holder is not the offence but it shows your manners and your values. But the small habit can grow in big offence if the nature  remains same with the growing age.
17.Right to thought: It’s the right of every individual person to have the thought of freedom ,to think to follow any religion though he or she holds any specific caste. It is right of every citizen to believe in what they want to believe.
18.Freedom to speak: freedom to speak on the topic what is right and what is wrong in the society. You are free to sat what you want but it should not spoil any one image unnecessarily. To share the ideas with other people freedom is there, to say what you think in opinion form.
19. Freedom to meet where you like:  No body can compel to meet you only in specific areas. It’s the right of every individual to choose the place of meeting made for public. All  have right to meet their friends and work together in peace to defend their rights mentioned for smooth run in the society.
20.Democratic right: Every citizen of the country hold right to take part in the government of our country. Every grown people holds rights to choose their own leaders according to their role model.
21 Social security right: Human being have right to take affordable house, medicine, education and child care, can save enough money to live  on and can insure money in different ways .
23.Labour’s right : To earn money it’s the right of every growth up people to ear for himself and for family ,so right to do job and have fair right to get the appropriate wage according to the work done ,have right to join trade union.
24.Right to rest and play:  Its the human tendency that person cannot work 24 hrs continuously. Rest is needed for the body and even for brain to work efficiently ahead. No human can be coupled to work restless beyond the human capacity. All have right to rest , work ,relax and to rejuvenate ..
25. To intake healthy food : All have right to have good amount of healthy food as per their survival status. All people whether mother, father, children, old people, unemployed or disabled unconscious, went in comma ,all people have right to be cared for.
26.Right of education: It’s the most important freedom which is very necessary for the growth and development of the country. This right will make to know all your rights automatically. There is no age of learning but schooling for adult learners are differently arranged. Interested person can take learn according to their convenient timings. 
All rights can be enjoyed properly and country can live in peace when all the rights are in proper order followed by every individual and we should realize a duty to other people also and should protect their rights and freedom. 

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