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National punch day is marked on 20th September each year. This celebration is not stick to a traditional celebration. It has several directions to celebrate like honoring tools used to make holes or a day created to throw a few punches /tags at a punching bag, National punch day is listed as for many American food holiday. A wide assortment of drinks, fall into the category of punch. It is often made with a combination of fruit juice and a carbonated beverage, a punch drink is served in small and a large celebrations .Punch was believed to have been introduced by sailor to England via popularity and was soon spread to other countries.

Celebration of the day is your choice ,the thing is to recognize the Punch day.

A “PUNCH” can be given to students with example to motivate them.

A “PUNCH” can be given to Hit a person to give a fight .

A “PUNCH” can be to make a day with jokes.

A “PUNCH”-tool- can be used to make to use holes in papers.

A”PUNCH” –is a name of the drink which is made of five ingredients.

A”PUNCH” needed to dial a telephone number. Its all depends upon how you thing and what you want to relate to celebrate this national punch day.

A “PUNCH” is done to the key board numbers to operate the screen.

A”PUNCH” card is used to get entry and exit in the office.

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