Animals era- the real companions

Posted by The Open Page | 4th October 2017

“Animals era- the real companions"
“Every animal has his or her story, his or her thoughts, day dreams, and interests. All feel joy and love, pain and fear, as we now know beyond any shadow of a doubt. All deserve that the human animal afford them the respect of being cared for with great consideration for those interests or left in peace.”
Animals are not property or things but, rather, living organisms who are subject to a life and worthy of our  compassion, respect and love. 
What can you do on the animals???? THINK……..
I've always been interested in animal behavior, and I keep reading about it because it's so surprising all the time - so many things are happening around us that we neglect to look at.
Most powerful way to support this event is to become vegetarian, which saves animals, helps the ecology, the planet and can improve your health. Another thing you can do is to stop buying goods made from animals like leather & fur and stop buying household things that are tested on animals.
Animals are a very important part of this world and our life depends on them and their lives on us. It is a cycle that should not be changed by humans. Birds are the most popular group in the animal kingdom. We feed them and tame them and think we know them. And yet they inhabit a world which is really rather mysterious. 
These mute beings deserve to be loved  and cared for because animals are the only ones who can love you more than they love themselves.....
Nirja Oza
Young Reporter's Club

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