Children's Mood Vacation Time

Posted by The Open Page | 25th April 2018

Children’s Mood–Vacation Time
Its the most Gala time When I have books in my hands but a Fairytale!!
The above line aptly describes the mood of children during the vacation. It says that children love to read comics and other books as an entertainment than curriculum books for their growth.
Vacation is the time earned by children after a whole hard work of Exams and studies.
This is the  period we must draw the correct channel for our kids to grow.
Many parent think vacation means 2 months extra for their kid to study and be ahead of school in terms of syllabus. So they force their innocent brains to become the machine that just runs a pace of Rat race.
This time the parents should take most advantage to imbibe their kids with correct values along with spending good amount of time with them.
The scope of brain development increase with healthy mind. So outing is one of the best measures that make a kid double joyful. Taking a tour of places around is not only to visit different places but it’s kind of indirect learning for the child in terms of people, culture.
A different environment is a catalyst for happy mind. We know for at least a month the kids are confined to the walls of examination and hall of hardworks. So we need to give their mind a change. This can be in many forms, like having classes for swimming that keeps them healthy and fit, singing, dancing and what not.
There are special summer camps arranged for kids which they may love the most. Summer camps have many who come and give our wards participants in terms of communication and interaction.
The mood of children is moulded by their surrounding. Try to keep as peaceful and fun loving surrounding for them than making their Vacation a horrible mess where in children craves to have their school started soon.
This is the period parent can increase their bonding with kids as they have huge space in mind which is empty.
So to remove the negative burden from their kids mind and fill it with liveliness is the prime duty of individual parent.
Mr.Dinesh Lalwani

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