Posted by The Open Page | 26th February 2018

Yes, today’s children are becoming victims of fashion. The fashion industry has come up with a lot of trending fashion for children’s. Media has also played a significant role by reaching out to the target audience with up to date fashion style and children have chosen up the trend extremely quick.
Movies and TV seems to be selling the idea of being cool. Latest trends inspire numerous parents to buy branded outfit for kids. The focal point has shifted from personality development to beauty. Now days we are simply creating a generation of fashion victims.
There have been observational debates that fashions are destroying the children as they are inclined towards trending fashion products and are making their parents send huge money on the clothes and accessories.
Children should be aiming for their career and future but instead, they are getting influenced by various TV commercials and other forms of media that appeal to them directly. This is very harmful to their future, career in the long run.
Earlier, it is used to be very healthy competition among classmates and friends about who will score better in which subject or who will outshine the others sports, music, dramatics, debate etc. But now a day it is more about competition for the latest fashion accessories and clothes.
Girls , on the other hand , are becoming conscious of their weight & appearance that they often skip meals or eat very little to look slim which is very harmful to their health & Development. On their own, they are experimenting with diet pills & supplement which is really an unhealthy practice. Also students are getting their hair treated with bleach, colours, and chemical products without knowing their harmful side effects.
Every face has two sides one right side & other the wrong side same as if we see latest trend in fashion has made the children victim but on the other hand it has also  made them self confidence & independent decision maker. It will wrong to say that children are victim of fashion but they are just following the society. Fashion is everywhere around them, their parents, family members and even teachers are following fashion so it is natural that they too are inclined by fashion.
Following fashion trend help children to identify and connect with other children who have same choice as them. This will make them more sociable and help them in making friends. When children are dressed up stylish they are countered as one of the pleasant personalities. This acceptance will help them in their career & future. These are few positive aspects going with fashion.
Fashion used to be the subject of rich & affluent, but now the common people are also experimenting with it. The discrimination in the society is not there anymore. It is not just about clothing but also about other accessories as well like bags jackets, wallets, purse, shoes etc. It has become widespread and acceptable too.
We need to create an environment where children can be themselves, where they don’t emulate adults. Using your mother’s lipstick or your father’s shaving brush is innocent but trying to copy’s outfit is outrageous. We have entered a scary where kids are expected to be miniature adults!
Parents have to tackle this demon by being firm but kind. Spend quality time with your child. Lay down some non negotiable rules. You can allow an occasional treat like dressing up for a birthday party. Get your children involved in some age appropriate activity. There are more meaningful things in life than just looking good.
A popular saying goes: child is the father of man, but let your child be a child a little while longer.
 ** Ms. Anshu Singh Choudhary
Assistant Professor, 
Amity School of Fashion Design & Technology, 
Amity University Madhya Pradesh

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