Expressing deepest sadness for Late Prof Yash Pal Singh

Posted by The Open Page | 25th July 2017

The Open Page team expresses the deepest sympathy to our   great scientist  Late Prof. Yash pal singh ,who was a well known educator’s also  , in the minds of history have provided inspirations , findings, philosophy, and understanding of the world around us. He has inspired generations of young explorers, eager to learn more about the world and motivated toward betterment. He had touched on all the society needs to inspire to achieve more.
Dedicated following words, to give him tribute:
He was the persons of miles
His knowledge given to the society as a guide,
 in the young learner  will smile,
Endless thought which has brought,
 as an educator’s, gives path and heights,
Mr. Yash Pall will be in the heart of education,
like a beat of inspiration in the minds,
 to give food of thought ,to young generation,
No doubt, now onward we cannot find,
But his visible knowledge of energy will generate new mind.

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