World Science Day for Peace and Development

Posted by The Open Page | 10th November 2017

World Science Day for Peace and Development
This day is celebrated every year on 10th November’17 to maintain peace and development. It shows the importance of science in society. It also make the people known that what progress the science has done in the span of a year.
UNESCO encourages all organizations to celebrate this day with great enthusiasm just to spread the wave of science in day-to-day life. It asks the various organizations which are connected with science to celebrate this day in its own way. Especially academic institutions celebrate this day with great zeal. 
There are some objectives to observe this day around the world. The main objective is to draw the attention of people for understanding the utility of science in day-to-day life.  It enhances the unity both nationally and internationally. It promotes the nation to do the work of science at national and international levels.  
It was started in the year 2001 and from that very period it has done the remarkable work in the field of science. World Science Day for Peace and Development has suggested many projects and slowly many projects are taking their shapes. 
This is an era of science and many technologies have been invented to make the life of people more and more easy-going. Many science centers and museums have been established to promote the public awareness and activities. Students are also involved to put forward their scientific and technical projects. 
Needless to say, such celebrations change the dimension of thinking of people. Every year a theme is selected to do debate and that becomes the focal point of the conversation. Many posters and images of ‘World Science Day for Peace and Development’ had been created. Logo is also decided to draw the attention of people for the celebration of this day.    
In fact, science helped the human beings to live a meaningful and comfortable life but if we look at the reality of life then one truth is perceptible that we move restlessly just like the pointers of a clock with many hopes in our dreaming eyes. The same ‘what to-do list’ we make and follow. The difference is only this that now we do the work in a well-organized way in a speedy manner. No doubt, science is a boon if we accept it as ‘something’ and it’s a bane if we consider it ‘everything’ because everything in this world starts with a pre-decided end and there is no way- out of it. Even the science is helpless to find out the solution. 

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