World Donald Duck Day

Posted by The Open Page | 9th June 2018

Heart throbbing character of children –Donald Duck
When we talk about cartoon the Donald Duck is so much more than just Mickey Mouse’s best friend under children’s mind. What is better way to celebrate Donald Duck Day ? Lets know some fun facts of our favorite character.
(a)Do you believe the Donald duck from over 8o years ,been a start for every . Even today also first cartoon name comes Donald only.
(b) In his authorized biography published in 1941,we find out he was born on Friday the 13th.
(c) Don Donald got the first starring role in 1937,and the eight minute cartoon follows Donald’s adventures Mexico including riding a burro, which goes poorly.
(d) Like Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Donald and Daisys Duck are one of Disney’s most beloved couples.But it was not  always that ,there has been some debate over whether or not Dasy and Donna.
(e) Donald was a wartime screen star. The famed duck starred in a series of shorts during World War II that involved the positive-thinking duck developing deep appreciation for the American troops and a hefty dislike of Nazi Germany.
(f) The duck got the gig thanks to an informal deal, made in 1947, between athletic director Leo Harris and Walt Disney himself. But in 2010, Disney and Oregon agreed that the Duck that appeared sideline at U of O games wasn’t actually Donald, freeing him up to do more promotional activities.
(g) Fans of Donald know that he’s uncle to the plucky young ducks Huey, Dewey, and Louie, but what of their mother? The fate of Donald’s twin sister—known as Thelma, Della, or Dumbella in various incarnations—has always been a little unclear (as has the boys’ parentage, but that’s a worry for another day), though a Dutch cartoon purports to have an answer: she became an astronaut.
(h) He is related to the clan Mc duck and also related to the coots, the Ganders and the Gooses. He is colour blind , Donald goes to his local draft boardand joins the army, getting accepted despite identifying a green card with “green” written on it as blue, having flat feet, and having no brain (apparently, being a duck was not an issue).

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