World Chocolate Day

Posted by Renee Shah | 13th September 2017

World Chocolate Day
We all love chocolate a lot, but did you  know that there is a World Chocolate  Day? Well guess what is there! It is internationally celebrated on July  seventh. Chocolate is something that tastes like heaven and makes you very addictive to it. It has a lot of sugar and some milk, flour etc. Solid chocolate was first invented in1847. It is terrible for all people but tastes too delicious that we cannot give it up.
On this day (as the name suggests) chocolate is eaten. People hold fairs in which they sell items that include chocolate. They even hold competitions for those who make the best chocolate items. More than this, the day is celebrated for love and bring closer the ones we love with our favorite chocolate.
People ask why this day is celebrated but no one knows the answer. It suddenly just became a tradition and everyone started  following it. What else could people want than to celebrate a mouthwatering sweet! For all the chocolate lovers, out there, there is not just one chocolate day, but many more. For instance, National Bittersweet Chocolate Day is on January 10th, while Chocolate Soufflé Day is February 28th. May 2nd is National Chocolate Mousse Day; National Chocolate Chip Day is almost two weeks later, on May 15th. June 22nd is National Chocolate Eclair Day. If you can’t get enough chocolate cupcakes, their National Day is October 18th. And the list goes on and on…
The origin of chocolate is from the cacao tree from which chocolate is extracted  and processed
 It is believed that the ancient Mayan civilization were the first people to grow cacao trees and drink chocolate from it, and later the Aztecs got it. The word "Chocolate" comes from the Aztec word "xocoatl" which refers to a bitter, spicy drink that the Aztecs made from the cacao tree, and the scientific name, Theobroma cacao means "Food of the Gods."
These are some of the flavors of the Indian chocolate which I believe you may have never heard of-
1. Dark Chocolate with Black   Pepper & Mango
2. Dark Chocolate with Guntur Chili
3. Dark Chocolate with Himalayan Rock Salt
4. Orange Basil & Pepper Dark Chocolate
5. Indian Paan Dark Chocolate
6. Lavender Dark Chocolate
On this July seventh, it is going to be the 467th year since chocolate was made by the Europeans. So, this chocolate day add some more sweetness to your life as well as to others'. Send out chocolate day gifts, and share them with the ones you love!
Renee Shah 

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