World Book Day

Posted by The Open Page | 23rd April 2017

Hello all the Bookworms, it’s your day! Applauds to all the readers out there! Who are growing each day by reading a bit or more and adding some or the other thing to their ocean of knowledge. In the ear of technology and communication, it is beautiful how there are still a certain amount of people who pursue the habit of reading on regular basis. The famous personalities have derived that reading habits not only changes the way one look at the world, but the world also changes its perspective towards the readers. 

23rd April is celebrated as the World Book day to promote the readership all around the world. Let’s check out few points to know the significance of this day.
  • The first World Book Day was celebrated in 1995
  • While the rest of the world celebrates it on April 23, in the UK, it is celebrated on the first Thursday in March
  • The date was chosen as it is the anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare and Inca Garcilaso de la Vega, as well as that of the birth or death of several other prominent authors
  • It is celebrated in different forms in different countries. In Spain, a two-day readathon is organized in which Miguel de Cervante’s Don Quixote is read. In Sweden, writing competitions are organized in schools and colleges to mark the day. Other traditions include book exchanges, book nights and street festivals.
  • Every year, there is a different theme with which the day is celebrated. This year, the focus is on the blind and the visually impaired for whom accessing books and other printed materials is difficult.
Let’s end this blog with a famous writing piece of great ‘William Shakespeare’,
“There is nothing either good or bad, thinking makes it so” 

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