World Autism Acceptance Day

Posted by Dr.Griva Shah | 2nd April, 2018

Every Student Can Learn, Just not on the same day & the same way
Early Intervention is imperative to bring about progressive development in the life of an individual with Autism. Medical practitioners and Para-professionals need to play a key role in bringing out the best in a child with Autism by creating an environment of awareness and sensitizing the society at every possible opportunity. On the other hand observation, awareness and acceptance by the parents of a child with Autism are the keys to the better holistic development of their child, believe experts who have been working in the field for the long. 
“Early intervention can make a world of difference in the life of children with autism. Autism is a language, social and communication disorder where a child will have difficulty processing, using and comprehending language. Autism is a spectrum disorder which means, there are different levels and degrees of autism. No two children with autism are the same and neither are their needs,” said Dr.Griva Shah, the trustee of Pearl Special Needs Foundation.
Dr Shah advocates early professional intervention and insists that it is a must and if done so, then many of these children can lead a near to normal life. “Many can go on to hold a job, marry and have children of their own. Most of them can be trained for daily living skills and take care of themselves with a little support. The above can be achieved provided early consistent and effective training is given,” emphasized Dr Shah. “Care givers need to be proactive and accept the special needs of their child to maximize the benefits of early intervention” , said BijalFadia, the other trustee at the foundation. Sonia Parikh, the third trustee said, “Quality schooling facility should be provided for their holistic development. Parents should encourage socializing of their child with Autism and take positive steps for their child’s happy and secure future,” said Sonia. Pearl Special Needs Foundation advocates inclusion not only in education but also in all spheres of life. PSNF strongly believes that “Children who Learn Together Learn to Live Together.
 What is Autism
Autism is a developmental disability that typically appears during the first threeyears of life. It is the most common condition in a group of developmentaldisorders known as the Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs).
The three main areas affected in persons with autism
Autism is known as a ‘spectrum disorder,’ because the characteristics can be foundacross a wide spectrum or ‘range’-from a mild learning and social disability to asevereimpairment,withmultipleproblemsandhighlyunusualbehavior.Thethinking and learning abilities vary-fromgifted to average to severely challenged.One person might be able to attend a regular school, find a job and lead a fairlyindependent life. At the same time, this person may have difficulty in talking andmixing with other people. Moderately and severely affected children with autismwill also vary tremendously. Some might do well in a supportive environment whileothers might not. Some children do not develop speech at all, while others maydevelop speech but still have difficulty in communicate.
Autism is caused by physical dysfunction of the brain
Autism is not caused by bad parenting or neglect80% of those affected by autism are boys.
Autism is found throughout the world, in families’ of all economic, social, and racial backgrounds.
The disorder may occur alone, or with accompanying problems such as mental retardation or seizures.
AllpersonswithAutismdonothavespecialorsavantskills.Afew(10%)haveunusualdrawingabilities,musicaltalent,excellentrotememoryorlightening speed at mental calculation
World Autism Acceptance Day is an internationally recognized day on 2 April every year

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