Which career line will give me my desired success

Posted by The Open Page | 23rd May 2018

                              Which career line will give me my desired success? 
Let’s peacefully decide what you should be considering before making your career choice.
Career is  such a path which should be chosen after a proper analysis only otherwise the time and energy both can be in wrong direction and to channelize the proper way of your knowledge and to get the smooth developed career you should select the proper guide line and thus, it is necessary to have a proper guidance on time  to choose your career line successfully .It’s always not the luck which is helping the person to have a great career. You should choose a ladder which makes you reach on the top and benefits you to climb up high.
Here, advise of expert person and experienced person is need to have the clarity in the selection. Support and proper guidance makes the vision clear to achieve your desired goal. Many factors are there who help out for your future career. Like good family background and their support, financial sound, your studies and efficiency, Opportunities etc., May be these guidance, help you to get the clear picture of your future career  selection and to analysis your ability.
1. Career Information:
The very first thing you must do is to collect information for various options available with you. Irrespective of your initial choice or inclination you must make effort to collect maximum career information. You can collect such information from newspaper, career magazines, websites, teachers, elders, professionals, etc. You must jot down or enlist all the career information that you receive. Note down such information in your own words rather than copy paste or just collecting pamphlets. Make a summary of such information. There are many websites that will give you ready to use and up to date career information. 
2. Career Ladder:
Taking career information is not enough. You must also see to it that what the job prospects are once you have such qualification. You must study the career ladder for the different jobs or careers that are possible or feasible once you finish taking your qualification in that line. 
3. Time Frame and Expense:
After making the summary of the career information one must also evaluate the time frame and budget needed for pursuing such career. For example, you may desire to pursue a course in medicine, banking or fashion designing, but what is the length of the course, how many years will it take for you to earn such qualification and what are the cost / fees involved in pursuing such course. You must also consider that whether such course is available in your home town or you will need to stay in a hostel. You must also consider such associated expenses that you will incur along with the fees of such course.
4. Process of fetching admission:
For pursuing any career you must keep in mind the entrance to such course or qualification. Many courses have entrance exams or prequalifying rounds which you must clear in order to pursue such course. Whether you will be comfortable to appear for such exams, whether you will be able to make it to the merit, etc. must be considered before making such choices.
5. Availability of support from family:
You may make any choice of the career you wish to pursue or are capable of but the most important thing you must consider is the support from the family members. This means the cooperation, permission, emotional and intellectual support that you need while you are pursuing such course. We have seen cases where the mother joins the child in the hostel during their exam times. Where it may be possible for some, it would not be possible for other to extend such support. Many a times if the parents are professionals or are from the same field then they would understand the stress that a student will undergo while pursuing such course and thus would extend emotional and intellectual support to their child. On the other hand we have also seen cases where the parents are in small villages and are not even aware about the education the child is undertaking and there the child tops the college or university. Family support and cooperation is must for pursuing any course or career. 
Probable Score / Result:
Having done all of the above you must evaluate what result you are going to achieve in your board exams. One must make an estimate of the probable result that will be fetched and the one which is the basic requirement of joining any course. One must consider the strengths and weaknesses before selecting any course.
6. Evaluation of talents& Interest:
Possessing necessary talent and interest is the basic factor you require to pursue the career of your choice. Talent will give your merit to enter the course and Interest will give you reason to stick to that course. You must do the SWOT analysis of your personality before making the career choice. Rather than following a friend who is pursuing a particular course evaluate your talent and interest.. There are many psychometric tests available online that will give you analytical score of your personality based on scientific methods and data driven approach. Stream Selector test available with www.careerdisciplines.com and www.careerguide.com will give you proper evaluation of your talents and skills. Such psychometric tests are available on nominal cost of Rupees 1500/- to 2000/- but will give you an in depth view of your talent and interest and a match of the same with the prospective career suitable for you. Website www.careerfitter.com provides such tests free of charge. 
7. Future Prospect:
Work spaces are changing fast. Jobs are also changing fast. We have seen around 3000 jobs that did not existed before 5 years. Emerging markets will have unexpected needs. Children today are learning for a future that is fast changing. In this scenario you must also consider the future prospects of any career line. Any graduation course may take 3 to 5 years for earning such qualification. By the time you earn your qualification the skill need may get changed in the market. Thus, it becomes mandatory for you to consider that what will be the career prospects after 5, 10 or 15 years for such qualifications. 
8. Alternatives available: 
Life is full of uncertainties. Risks may crop up in any field or situation. One must be ready to face such uncertainties and manage such risks. Though India is fast developing but we still don’t have any Insurance Company or Risk Management Plan that will protect you from the failure for fetching your desired result, score or merit. In this scenario, you must also have alternative plans for pursuing a related or different career if you don’t achieve a desired result. Remember life has many surprises if Plan A didn’t work then there are 25 other alphabets. One must also evaluate such prospects and plan for their career.
Thus, be prepared for the worst and hope for the best. Fortunately in today’s times we have technology, psychology and such other tools at your disposal to help you make a factual choice. Don’t hesitate in taking up a paid career consultation also, it will always be helpful in taking a better decision.
Wish you a successful career.
Dr. Vishal Varia
Career Expert
Rosary Education System

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