Waves of Christmas magic

Posted by The Open Page | 24th December, 2017

                       ”Waves of Christmas magic”
Christmas is a wonderful feeling ,specially for children, it’s the  time where the young and old are awaiting with eagerness to celebrate  the days with a very special moments by  decorating their houses ,sharing their happiness by giving gifts and making special deserts, celebrations are made more lively by singing ,dancing, gathering ,visiting church .People are very fairly  seems to have a lighter step, a bounce, a smile, are more inclined to say hello and wish you well to their relatives, neighbor. These are the very common tradition to express and greet everyone good wishes.
Something is there to share which can make the kids holidays more meaningful, knowledgeable and expressive.
1.Try to  research with your grandparents ,what the history was of the occasion and share  whatever  good things you learn with your friends and family.
2. You can utilize your day to connect with the people, relative, friends, who cares really about you. Making bonding with them which will strengthen your relation.
 3.Give more values to good deeds rather than spending more money on giving costly gifts. You can help a needy and poor people so they can also feel the essence of festival along with the rich peoples around the world. Give your good clothes which is now small in size for you to someone who really knows its important and can bring a smile in this festival. Volunteer at a homeless shelter or to the food bank , make memorable festival with care and share method.
4..Its a great time where you can make a smile on the face by creating a stocking full of treats and gifts and keep it on doorstep of someone you know has lost their job ,has no family or disabled and not able to do by themselves. Deliver food baskets to a homeless person.
5..Express your feelings ,your love care by writing a letter ,or by making a greeting cards for someone who you need to forgive or who you have offended, show your affection how much you care for them and appreciate them and whish everybody whom you love or not a Marry Christmas.. 
6.Try to establish some new traditions in the family which benefits the culture and can spread happiness around you and can  sparkle the joy of living.
7. For showing kindness, you can visit a shelter for abused kids to read books or play games with them to realize them special eve burn candles and go for Christmas caroling. 
8.Why stockings are valuable symbols for the children. Try to fulfill each of kids choose of  a poor family ,which can surprise them and it will give you a satisfaction of bring smile on others face.. 
9.Put up your lights  which is an altruistic gifts to others who see the lights and are better able to get into the mood and spirit of the holiday ,which gives sparkling message of joy to everyone.
10.Give name to your holiday for a good memory like Christmas holiday..”Pause and reflect “-holiday,
  As Christmas is the spirit of giving without a thought of getting. It is happiness because we see joy in people. It is forgetting self and finding time for others. It is discarding the meaningless and stressing the true values.

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