Victory day Celebration

Posted by The Open Page | 10th April 2017

In 1971 we came, we saw, we humbled the enemy of humanity to deliver a new nation - Bangladesh. In 2015, we were invited by the Government of Bangladesh to be dazzled by their hospitality and warmth extended to us by the Government, the three Services and the citizens of Bangladesh, They captured our hearts and overwhelmed  us by the affection, appreciation, honor  and gifts. Awesome experience! 
The trial, tribulations and suffering of Bengalees was largely overlooked by the world community in 1971. It appears strange why a country bigger in size than France and a refugee population of 10 million, more  than population of 80 odd countries, did not evoke "the milk of human kindness" among  the more civilized population of the  world.  Human memory is short: genocide, inhuman treatment  and violence committed by Pakistan military against Bengalee did not create a global uproar, for crime against humanity. Certainly the world had not witnessed  a bigger crime against humanity, yet silence and token doles of assistance helped keep the collective conscience  of the nations clean and unaffected. India displayed great maturity by keeping its  borders open for refugees, giving them the freedom to return when required and finally to join battle to grant them human dignity, freedom, independence.
We carry back happy memories of the close interaction with the current generation of leaders and bear witness to the tremendous progress and prosperity the great country has made under the leadership of the indomitable  and charismatic daughter of Bangabandhu Mujibar Rahman , Sheikh  Hasina. Prime Minister of  Bangladesh. A fresh thrust towards regional coop through SAARC, and  People to People level between the two countries exists.The civilizational bonds, shared history,  1971 War of Liberation for human dignity, mature  leadership of both countries, has led to path breaking initiatives specially  trade and transit agreements, border resolution and cultural bonds  and close cooperation for peace,  economic growth and mutual respect.
The Bangladeshi hosts have bowled us lock, stock and barrel by their hospitality and gratitude. For many of us the Indian concept of Atithi Devo Bhava has been given a new meaning by the Brothers, Begums and Brotherhood of soldiering classes of Bangladesh by treating us as if the Atithi was in reality the Deva who  was being welcomed. Beyond the welcome and warmth lies  humanity and oneness of existence  and the concept of interdependence of human race on this planet. Let us together celebrate this spirit of Mitro Bahini and create a new era of Peace, Prosperity, Progress to achieve Invincibility and create our land into heaven on earth.
We are a vanishing tribe of soldiers who will gradually fade away, sans wine, sans song, sans singer, sans end. That is the law of nature and cannot be altered. The world is a stage: we  have play our destined role and will depart as determined by nature. The best that we can now do 'before we too into the dust descend', is to record our experiences of refugee camps, valour of our units and the remarkable feats of courage,patriotism, sacrifice, assistance, provided by  our comrades and comrades - in - arms, the Mukti Bahini and Joddhas, working together under the banner of Mitro Bahini, to make success and victory possible so that the war crimes and genocide is eliminated forever and human dignity restored forever. Joy Bangla, Jai Hind !
Article by:
Brigadier Balram S Mehta

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