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Posted by Krutarth Joshi | 5th September 2017

   Guru: preceptor, grinder and a torch bearer
‘If you want to check the real situation of any country, just visit the school.”   -APJ KLAM
   Yes, Kalam sir was absolutely right. Because the base of  the happiness and prosperity of a country is SCHOOL. And therefore the role of a teacher is most vital for the development of any country.  So, to convey an appropriate magnitude we   should celebrate TECHERS’ DAY as the biggest festival of a country. 
But, at the same time teacher has to acknowledge that the honor brings lots of responsibility.  And to perform sincere responsibility we need to observe the life of great character. And fortunately Teacher’s day is the day of auspicious personality –
 Dr. RADHAKRISHNAN, who enjoyed his splendid life as a teacher. So, let’s glance through his life to find out new horizon FOR US.
LOVE FOR LEARNING: -                                                                                            
If we just go through the life of   Dr. RADHAKRISHNAN the first and utmost thing we would feel that he published so many articles on education, philosophy and many more fields. He was such a scholar that HARVARD University also honored him. He was vice chancellor of two universities. But, these all were achieved only due to his passionate reading habit. Every day he was keen to read a new topic, passionate to write on it and eager to pass it to the students.  This shows his love for learning. TODAY we all need to develop this attitude to develop our method of teaching. I am sure you all will agree to me that whenever we deliver the precise knowledge to our students, we and our students achieve a great satisfaction. Even to receive a respect as a teacher our knowledge is wonderful tool, Isn’t it? So just take a SANKLAP to be the lover of learning …as Dr. RADHAKRISHNAN.
If we perform a survey of how many teachers want to send their ward in teaching profession, we all know the answer.   The teacher who are teacher by chance not by choice may be feeling that other professions are better than teaching. And this disrespect brings most of the problems like, lack of commitment, lack of innovation , lack of passion….etc.  And in this sad situation Dr. RADHAKRISHNAN enters as a role model.  He was vice chancellor, VICE PRESIDENT, scholar, ambassador but, he preferred his birth day as teachers’ day. And in the present era this type of attitude needs to be cultivated among us to give heights to teachers in society. 
Today we all are performing our duties with full strength. But, then also we are always on target.  For any bad incident teachers automatically become responsible whether it is corruption case, terror attack or suicide case. These situations are created because we are not able to convince the society about our efforts and problems. And on teachers’ day Dr. RADHAKRISHNAN wants us to see him as a role model. He was sent to Soviet Union as an ambassador of INDIA in 1949, just after the independence. That time we were not having good relation with Russia but, his efforts towards the world community and putting across our problems to Russian government in such a convincing way that Russia became our best friend. Today for our survival and success we need to develop this skill from Dr. RADHAKRISHNAN.
Before independence he formed KRISHNARPAN charity trust with Ghanshyamdas Birla. And the important thing was, he was not so rich, but he was dedicated for charity. Today we –teachers have to develop the attitude of charity in our selves. And it is not necessary that every time we donate money, if we donate our time to teach poor students, it will be the greatest charity for our country. So for the upliftment of our country we need to create a charm for charity within our self.
Friends, if  we honestly try to follow these four things in our life as a teacher, it will be a true tribute  for Dr. RADHAKRISHNAN ….and it will become an appropriate celebration of our teachers’ day….
Happy teachers’ day…..Lets make this celebration a global and a most important festival.
Krutarth Joshi
Little flowers school, DAHOD.

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