The face behind Google - Sundar Pichai

Posted by The Open Page | 12th July 2017

 The face behind Google - Sundar Pichai 
Pichai Sundar Rajan, widely known as ‘Sunder Pichai’ is an Indian-American business executive’ the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Google. Pichai Sundar Rajan was born on 12th July 1972 in Madurai, Tamil Nadu. He is son of Laxmi and Raghunatha. Sundar Rajan grew up in a two room apartment on 46th street, 7th avenue ashok nagar in Chennai. Sundar completed schooling in Jawahar Vidhyalaya, a CBSE board School in Chennai. From IIT –Kharagpur, Pichai completed an engineering degree in Metallurgical Engineering. He achieved M.S degree from Stanford University in Material and Engineering. He achieved MBA from Vertton School of the University of Panilvanya where he was named as Siebel and palmer scholar respectively. Pichai is married to Anjali and has two children. 
Sundar is also interested in soccer and cricket. He has joined Google in 2004 as a product manager and later the innovative efforts for several Google products including Google chrome browser which became highly successful, eventually took him to manage the other products of Google like Gmail, Google and Google docs. 
Sundar Pichai is a man behind the Google, the most important search engine so far. Sundar Picha has citizenship of The United states and Nationality of Indian American. His salary is about 199.7 US million Dollars and his net worth is 650 US million Dollars. 

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