The Story Of The Potter

Posted by The Open Page | 24th May 2018

The Story Of The Potter
A poor potter lived in a small village. One day, he fell into a ditch by accident and got hurt. The wound left a big scar on his forehead. The potter moved to another village when his village was affected by famine. Luckily, he got work in the king’s court. The king saw the scar on the potter’s face and assumed that he was a warrior. He treated the potter with respects and made him a prominent member of his court.
In the following months, the kingdom was attacked by the enemies and the king asked the potter to lead the army. Afraid to do so, the potter told the king the truth about himself and how he got the scar. The potter left the kingdom, leaving the king embarrassed.
Moral: Appearances can be deceptive or never judge a person by his or her appearance.

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