Supreme court axes bcci president and secretary

Posted by The Open Page | 10th April 2017

On 02 Jan 2017, in a historic verdict, Supreme Court removed Mr. Anurag Thakur from the post of president and Mr. Ajay Shirke from the post of Secretary of BCCI. They were removed from their respective posts for being defiant and stalling reforms in BCCI recommended by Lodha committee. They also ordered both to desist from any function of BCCI hereafter.

     In January 2015, Supreme Court appointed Lodha Committee to look into the functioning of the BCCI and suggest changes in its constitution and structure to make the board functioning more transparent and accountable. Cricketing aspects and related structure though was not included as their terms of reference.

     In Jan 2016, committee gave its recommendations. The recommendations shook the BCCI organisation and its state members by their roots. Because of that the board and its members approached Supreme Court against the recommendations of the committee. Main recommendations included; one state one vote; clear and stringent criteria to be eligible as a board member; time limit to be in the office; setting up of a players’ association; inclusion of CAG member in the apex body of the board as well as IPL; reducing the number of members in selection committee to three from five and so on.

   BCCI and its members did not agree with many of the recommendations; though many were implemented. They approach the Supreme Court highlighting their difficulties, but Supreme Court took the exception and gave ultimatum to the board asking them to enforce the Lodha committee recommendations.

  Finally, on 02 Jan 2017, Supreme Court passed the order removing two top functionaries from their positions since in their view; they were the stumbling blocks in implementation.  With this decision a very strong message has gone across the sporting administration fraternity that bringing accountability and transparency in administration in sports bodies is a need of the hour. Politicians and bureaucrats just can’t occupy the posts for their life time without any accountability.

    Recent case of Indian Olympic Organisation (IOA) appointing Mr. Kalmadi and Mr. Chautala as life patron needs to be mentioned here. Both are charged with corruption in Common wealth Games. FIR and charge sheets are raised again them. Court cases are in progress. Still they are able to affect the running of a very important sports body of our country. In this case Government of India has rightly de-recognised the body till they revoke the decision.

   Since ages, in India, sports bodies are taken over by politicians and they continue to occupy the positions for their life time. They have no accountability in encouraging and popularising the sportsnor for winning the medals on the world stage. BCCI in this regards has done commendable job compared to other bodies.  However, there is an urgent need to clean the system, make the office bearers accountable and system more transparent and beneficial to the game and the players.                In view of the above, strong action by the Supreme Court is a welcome decision.sion.

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