Space Era- Asgardia Space Nation

Posted by The Open Page | 9th November 2017

Space Era- Asgardia Space Nation
Asgardia the brain child of eccentric scientist is the first space nation made by earthlings for the welfare of earth and humanity.The name Asgardia comes from the city of skies ruled by Odin from Valhalla in Norse mythology.It is declared as an independent nation and a future member of the United Nations.The project team consists of oracles (experts) around the globe .The team is led by Dr.Igor Ashurbeyli,a Russian scientist,a founder of Aerospace International Research Centre (AIRC) in Vienna.Recently became the chairman  of UNESCO’s Science of Space Committee.The first Asgardia Satellite is to be planned and to be instigated on August 2017.One of the Asgardia’s first projects will be the creation of a protective shield to protect humanity from space lumber including asteroids. The project will register 5,00,000 members by completion to help design nation’s flag and insignia.
                            By- Vedant  M. Buch
                             A.G. High School

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