Relationship between a child and God

Posted by The Open Page | 15th October 2017

Relationship between a child and God
when a child is born he is unaware of the special classification of humans on basis of being a believer or non believer. No one knows whether that child will grow up to become a non believer or a believer in God, what he becomes when he grows up depends on the parent how they define the term "god" to their children. when a child comes in contact with the outer world he hears some people telling that "oh! god is so great" and some of the refusing to believe in god so he gets confused whether to believe in something known as almighty. so it depends on the parents and the surroundings of the child that he becomes a non believer or a devotee of god . actually there are two types of parents, one who forcefully makes the child believe in god while the others who dont care or it doesn't matter to them if their child believes in god or not. 
so the consequence on the child of type 1 are forced to believe in god. some kids may blindly believe in the unseen powers while some "maverick" kind of children may end up being a complete non believer because they don't want to believe something without any proof. Many times parents tell their children that it is god who has helped you to fetch good marks; the intention of the parents is to tell that their is someone who supports them or gives them a hope but sometimes children stop working hard because of this and they start worshiping idols of god instead of worshiping their work and when they don't get the expected result they stop believing in that power.
The consequence on the child type 2 is that he is not introduce to anyone who is their for him during his dark nights so if the child gets success anywhere then he starts thinking that it is he who has done it and so his self esteem gets a big boost but when the same child faces some problem or faces failure, he is incapable to overcome his failure and hence his confidence breaks down. so being a teenager and having faced these problems i think that the best option is that the child should be introduced to god as his/her friend(as i was introduced) and not as some governing body who keeps a watch on his every single action. A child should be told that god cannot do your work for you but can show you the right path and can support you on your every decision and not only a child but every human should be told that god is something or someone within everyone you just need those eyes to see it. Happy learning.
Nirja Hiren oza
Young Reporter’s Club

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