Rann Utsav

Posted by The Open Page | 18th November 2017

We see that Rann of Kutch is one of the biggest salt deserts in the world, sometimes good for nothing becomes value for everything, same this expanded flat salt land has increased the beauty of the Kutch place and it is now a most enjoyable place for the visitors. Before its popularity, it was already the tradition of the place to display their culture and now it has become on the world wise display. As we say that everything is great in Gujarat so the great Rann of Kutch is known not only for its natural splendor but for what its inhabitants have created. It magnificent is the word that one could simply use and glorify the natural beauty of Kutch . It is a Carnival of Music, Dance, nature beauty of White Rann and much more then that when visit under the full Moon. It is the shimmering landscape that gives the enchanting moments of this Fest, which feels like as Heaven on Earth during Festival Time. In fact, it’s a Family holiday destination to explore fun moments and store in cameras for life time. It started from 1st November 2017 and will be up to 20th February 2018.
It is, located in the State of Gujarat, is blessed with one of the most ecologically and culturally abundant landforms.. 
The government of Gujarat held’s three months long festival during the season of winter.
  This is not only a man made festival. It is a great exhibition of Indian culture and art. This festival has become world famous for the hospitality of Kutch, wonderful tradition and language, beautiful landscape, , unique ‘Bhunga’ and amazing art and crafts.
  During this festival you can enjoy many things like Gulf cart, ATV ride, camel cart excursions, par motoring, mediation, yoga and above all Gujarati culture.
  The rann utsav is a great opportunity to visit a superb landscape, covered with salt.
  Accommodations and means are arranged in a tent village at Dhordo for the rann utsav. At this village your will find the incredible performances of culture dance, music, songs and handicraft demonstrations. The tourists are taken in camel cart to salt land. It is expanded in about 30,00 square km. of salt desert  and seasonal marshland that lies between the Gulf of Kutch and the Indus river. The guest house in the Gate way to Rann resort is made in the traditional Bhunga stryle. They are made with mud and decorated with structure.
   It shows you that if a man desires, it can create the beautiful out of barren. It is not only a desert festival but it is a festival of the Indian culture. It is a festival of life.
Kanala Dharmendra Arjanbhai,
(Trustee Rujala)

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