Promoter of a woman as a natural teacher

Posted by The Open Page | 6th September 2017

Promoter of a woman as a natural teacher
Catherine Esther Beecher, the world knows her as an educator who promoted higher education for women.
She was born on 6th September 1800 in America, benefited incorporation of kindergarten into children's education.
Beecher’s early time was devoted to promoting education for women and the evolution of education as a profession. 
Catharine Esther Beecher achieved fame in her own right as an educator, reformer, and writer.
The experience left her longing for additional opportunities for education.
Beecher was the Head principal proponents of the 19th-century “cult of domesticity.” Beecher worked to equip women to become teachers, a profession which Beecher saw as naturally suited to women. Thus, Beecher became a co-pioneer of American Public Education with Horace Mann of the Common School movement, which advocated the provision of a basic education for children of every social class. Her advocacy for female teachers coincided with the growth of Normal Schools .Beecher’s lasting influence on American public education was to make the role of public school teacher a predominantly female one.
She died on 12th May 1878. We still remember her for her good deeds done in the education field. 

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