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Pateti :
The festival Pateti is a new year of  parsi which signifies that it is the time to forget and forgive wrongs and sins of previous years and a day with new hope, bonding, love an d peace .It is famous as Navroz. Its time to show the happiness by visiting fire temple which is called agiary. The flame  of fire in the temple is always kept burning by high priest. The  agiary is the scared fire temple which was brought from  Iran. This is a very auspicious day for the parsis and they show devotion towards ,the son of .”Ahura Mazda” the  representative of God by offering the flowers , water, fruits and even sandalwood to the sacred fire ., They decorate their houses with colourful flowers and rangolis , on this special day they prepare mouth watering dishes like fish, chicken, mutton, shan, daan and other desserts in a special taste, If we  move back in the ancient Persia, will see that Parsi belong to the Zoroastrian religion.
In the month of August Pateti falls say the Gregorian calendar and on this day people dressed up in new traditional clothes like garam sarees, dugless ,scared vest and decorated themselves with ornaments which enhance their personality. The Pateti falls on the spring equinox, means day and night are equal  in duration and the North Pole and the South pole both, have sunlight .
They repent over their sins and promise to keep a pure mind and soul.
Happily they meet their relatives , friends and exchange gifts, sweets and greet each other by keeping their  heart pure.
Maintaining their tradition they like to decorate their tables by keeping certain items like sacred book,  picture of  Zarathustra, mirror ,candle, incense burner, fruits, flowers, a gold fish bowls sugar, bread and some coins.
. These auspicious things symbolizes prosperity and longevity for the family members. People celebrate this special day with lot of zeal and enthusiasm. 
Happy Parsi New Year!

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