Need of every nation to form true or pure republic

Posted by The Open Page | 26th January 2018

 Need of every nation – to form “true or pure” republic
What does it mean to be a republic?
When  India was Independent from foreign nation   ,It is was declared as an  independent  nation and India celebrates its anniversary every year on  15th August . Similarly, when India has  framed its  constitution and  has declared for implementation to public ,It is called  Republic Day. The Republic Day is celebrated every year on 26th January at the Rajpath in Delhi, parade by the army, is held in front of the President. Also in those states it is celebrated  with  flag hoisting  by the state's governor.
India implemented its own plan on January 26, 1950, since then every year January 26 is celebrated as a Republic Day. What really means to be  republic? What is to be done in the Republic Day celebration ?
When any nation is released from other foreign nationals, it becomes an independent public. But when  the nation executes its own plan, it is called the Republic, The Constitution of the Nation, which is called the book of the nation's laws, that the people of the nation should be willing to do it voluntarily and nationally.
On the day when any nation imposes its constitution by a government officer elected by a public, that day is called the Republic Day for that nation. India enacted its constitution on January 26, 1950 by a government official, elected by the people. And in true sense the Republic was called.
Constitution is a list of basic principles or list of established rules by which states or any organization can operate. India's constitution is considered as the supreme law of India. The Constitution provides for the provision of Constitution of India, basic principles, Lokmayam Government programs, Government authority, duty, and power and duty of the people.
India's constitution is considered to be the world's largest constitution. During the first execution, it is implemented today with 395 articles, 25 sections, 12 road lights, 5 indexes and 98 changes. The specialty of the Indian Constitution is that it also includes the provision to change and to happen.
Constitutional Constitution Committee took approximately 3 years and with clarity for 2 years, 11 months and 17 days for constitutional constitution. During this period, 11 sessions were organized for 165 days in the assembly for the Constitution, and 114 days of the first copy of the constitution, the constitution of India was not a normal operation.
Whether we have got independence from foreign authorities, but what will be the laws of India after Independence? And how it could be implemented was the biggest choice. Various customs, it is very difficult to bring the whole of India under the umbrella of law among the languages, conceptions and traditions, and that is why India's constitution or constitution is an infallible weapon, which has made the people of India and made them a true citizen.
There are several laws in the country. Various legislation is taken as a reference within the law, but when a dispute arises in the implementation of the laws and the legal clarification, the constitution is taken into account and the judicial process is carried out keeping in mind the constitutional provision of the Constitution. That is why the constitution is considered to be the supreme law.
Because of its formulation, the people's interest is included, and that is why India is a republic, where the voice of the people is more important than the power of the ruling authority. The freedom of thought, conduct and utterance in India is a gift to the people of India's constitution, whose money is an opportunity to present their views .
In reality, the Republic is called the Constitution of the country without any discrimination. And when any nation has respected its constitution and implemented it in a true sense, diversity also shows unity and the whole country emerges as a nation .In the times when we accept our government and its representatives through an unbiased election process. It is very important to implement the constitution. With such discriminatory implementation, the same law system in the nation will be saved, spread the same ideology and emerge a strong nation with one unity. As such, we should not be subject to race, religion or any other discrimination against nation's development. Constitutional implementation is not a matter of majority. But there is talk of everything. It is very easy to tell or hear everything. But in true sense, it is called true patriotism  only when our nation is progressing.
Let us celebrate the constitutional constitution and prove our national integrity Happy Birthday of the Republic.
Dr.Vishal Varia

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