National Energy Conservation Day

Posted by The Open Page | 14th December 2017

National Energy Conservation Day
It is observed every year in India on 14th December. This day is observed to bring up in the minds of people the awareness about the significance of energy and its conservation. The Bureau of Energy Efficiency formed the energy conservation act. The focal point of this organization is making people aware for using energy sources resourcefully and save it for the future as well. It also helps to tell the people its importance and make them acquainted to use it in required quantity only. Many conferences, workshops, debates and events are held for this purpose and every year programs are designed to enhance the awareness of it in people. 
The sources from where we get energy are limited in numbers and it takes many years for its formation. It has been observed that we use energy more than what we get from these sources. So it is very much necessary to minimize the use and also stop the wastage of it. Most of the energy which we use is non-renewable like fuel. As per survey it has been calculated that a time will come after some years when these energy sources will come to an end and they will be no more helpful to us. Nowadays, pollution has gone to such extent that it is difficult to control it. By energy conservation we can control pollution especially air pollution for maintaining ecological balance. 
Energy conservation and energy efficiency are different phenomena. Energy conservation means reducing energy consumption and energy efficiency means using less energy in daily use and services. For example, get more mileage by using same quantity of energy. It also help to put down the cost of energy by using it in less or required quantity only. Many times waste of energy can be stopped by using it in less quantity and also by maintain the energy efficiency. 
It has been seen that somewhere the energy tax has been charged to reduce the use of energy. It also controls the pollution level for making this world a better place to live in. Somewhere monitoring is conducted for scaling down its consumption. Meters are placed to note down the consumption of energy and to put charges as per its use. Nowadays, buildings are made accordingly. The windows and doors are places at such angles, so that the solar energy comes directly in rooms. It helps to keep rooms hot in winter season. In this way we can save fuel which is used to keep the rooms warm especially during winter. Somewhere special systems are used to throw back the heat out of the room especially in summer season. This is known as climatic design of buildings. Nowadays Light-Emitting Diode (LED) lamps are used to save electric energy. It is used both in commercial and residential areas. These are the methods by which we can minimize the use of energy and also conserve energy. 

Ashokkumar H. Munshi

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