Learning the required age based skills

Posted by Dr. Vishal Varia | 22nd November 2017

Learning the required age based skills for age 15 to 20 years
In previous to last month we have seen the age based skills set for age group 8 to 14years, hope you must have taken note of it. Continuing further for the same, in this month I am sharing with you the required age based skills for age 15 to 20 years. Essentially this fall in the criteria of higher secondary and higher education especially from grades 10to college. A school is always performing the task of developing the children’s aptitude and attitude which also results in the development of skills. However, it is observed that in the present scenario of facilities and amenities, we as parents do not allow our children to perform certain tasks, as, the same are either professionally carried out or done by others, like, maid or servants. The school always makes efforts to teach the children what is right and needed, however, due to parental care and affection at times the children are devoid of the relevant practical exposure of the same. This renders the child devoid of certain skills that is essential for developing global citizens. As parents we should see that we allow our children to perform the tasks that help develop good skills and attitude. Please find below the list of such tasks that can be done/performed by such age group. The list is however, exhaustive and may have missed out a few of tasks, you may please amend it at your end and make use of it.
Age based skills for age 15 to 20 years
  Does your child aged between 15 to 20 years possess these skills?
Self- Management, Interest and Sensitivity: 
1. Does your child know how to sweep & wipe the floor? Which type of broom stick to be used for different types of floor? 
2. Does your child know how to clean toilet & bathroom? Does he/she know when to use soap, detergent, acid and such cleansing agents?
3. Does your child know how to wash clothes? How to wash different types of cloths like wool, cotton, silk, etc.?
4. Does your child know how to cleanup kitchen and utensils? How to treat burnt vessels and how to clean oily and sticky vessels?
5. Does your child know the use of cooker, mixer, washing machine, dish washer, iron, etc.?
6. Can your child cook for self? Does he/she know cooking or warming up cooked food so as to serve the self?
7. Can your child purchase vegetables, groceries from the market? Does he/she aware the cost / price of the vegetables and certain groceries? 
8. Can your child stich a torn cloth? Can he/she stich a button?
9. How to cover the books? To make appropriate use of gum-stick?
10. Can your child cover up an article using cover paper? 
11. Can your child combine and bind up unused papers into a book?
12. Can your child make his/her own bed? Can he/she prepare the bed for a guest?
13. Does your child know to properly pack a bag? Can he/she fill a bag so that the articles are safe inside?
14. Does your child know how to fold the clothes properly to be put in the rack?
15. Can your child help you in cleaning the house? Does he/she feel that one should help parents in cleaning up the house or rooms? 
16. Does your child have interest in reading, writing, drawing, music, etc.? Does he/she enjoy such activities?
17. Does your child have sensitivity towards nature, environment, other creatures, pets and fellow beings?
18. Can your child respond to happy and sad events? Does he/she know how to behave when happy or sad? Does he/she have sensitivity towards others sufferings?
19. Does your child prefer to walk to a nearby area rather than using the vehicle?
20. Does your child have necessary emotional intelligence for not to get too sad or depressed? Does your child have sportsman spirit?
Family Responsibility:
1. Is your child sensible enough to help the brothers or sisters of same or younger age?
2. Does your child have sympathy towards elders?
3. Is your child aware to be helpful in small or big events of family inside or outside the house?
4. Can your child let go with friends or relative in silly issues?
5. Can your child easily and comfortably talk with close or distant relatives?
6. Is your child aware about the socio-economic status of the family? Does he/she have the sensibility to choose a career accordingly?
7. Is your child aware about the financial status of the family? Can he/she control the temptations of buying new things accordingly?
8. Does your child think positive for family, society, city or nation? Is he/she having the spirit of patriotism?
9. Does your child take interest in the family function or celebration? Does he/she have the approach to be helpful in such function or gathering?
10. Can your child willingly and easily report the day’s events without any hesitation?
School work and education:
1. Does your child follow the rules of the school / college?
2. Can your child establish comfortability with peers and colleagues?
3. Can your child behave politely with teachers and school staff?
4. Can your child gracefully put his/her point forward in a group or class?
5. Does your child like to participate in co-curricular or extra-curricular activities of school? Does your child participate in the national events and days?
6. While going on an educational tour or day out does your child observe the events properly? Can he/she write up the day’s journal accordingly?
7. Considering the school or college as a second home does your child use the property with proper care?
8. Does your child inform at home about the instructions given at school /college? Does your child have respect for the school / college?
9. Does your child do the homework allotted by the school sincerely?
10. Does your child enjoy the silly tasks of the school or college?
Social responsibility, Citizenship, General Knowledge and Technology:
1. Is your child aware towards the responsible use of public property? Is he/she aware that they should not damage places of heritage, public gardens and such public properties?
2. Can your child keep control over excitement and behavior at public places like mall, market, cinema, etc.?
3. Is your child aware as regards general rules of discipline, rights and duties of citizens and such civil norms?
4. Can you child collect appropriate information from public places and Govt. offices like Post office, Telephone Office, Railway Station, Bus Station, etc. Can he/she read and understand public notices at such place?
5. Does your child know to Post Letters,  making post parcel, understand the railway chart and schedule, ticket booking at bus station, paying up telephone bill at telephone office, etc.?
6. Does your child know how to register a patient at a civil hospital, the various departments of civil hospitals, how take appointment of doctors, how to register for OPD, how to register for diagnosis and fetch reports?
7. Does your child know how to open a bank account? How to operate a bank account? How to deposit or withdraw cash from the bank or ATM machine? How to make entries to the passbook? 
8. Does your child know how to mention receivers address on a post cover? Can he/she make independent correspondence using post and other means to the relevant department?
9. Does your child know how to operate the internet? Can he/she fill up various application forms on the net like AADHAR, Passport, Municipal Tax Forms, competitive exams forms, online ticket booking, etc.?
10. Does your child know how to work with e-commerce or m-commerce sites and how to make online purchase or sell transactions?
11. Can your child find relevant reference material from the net for his /her study purpose? Can he/she cite the source into their assignment or work?
12. Can your child make constructive and positive use of TV, Computer, Mobile Phone and such electronic devices? Can he/she troubleshoot the device if required?
13. Is your child aware with netiquettes? Does he/she make proper use of social networking websites and apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.? Is he/she aware as to when to send messages and when not to?
14. Is your child aware about different mobile phones? Different mobile phone manufacturing companies? Different updates as regards mobile phone technology?
15. Can your child identify the train schedules for different places? The operations of different offices / platforms of railways? Which train route leads to which destination? The sequence number of train going to and coming from same destination?
16. Does your child know how to behave with strangers while travelling in train, bus or such public transport?
17. Does your child have the primary information about politics and the constitution of the nation?
18. Does your child have primary information about the Chief Ministers of different states, different Ministers and such State and Central Govt. Office bearers?
19. Is your child aware about the defense department of the nation? The national conservation policy? What to do when natural or man-made disasters happen?
20. Does your child have the habit of reading newspaper? Does he/she the arrangement of columns and pages in the newspaper?
21. Does your child have the curiosity to find information about new developments, researches and such inventions from the different parts of the world?
Road – Traffic Sense:
1. Does your child keep the license and necessary documents together while driving the vehicle?
2. Does your child adhere to different traffic rules? Is he/she aware about the various traffic signals?
3. Does your child have proper parking sense? Does he/she have proper parking habits? Is your child aware that it is not proper to stop a vehicle randomly but by taking the vehicle to the side of the road and then stop?
4. Does your child have sense that one should not use horns nearby a school or hospital? And to drive at regulated speeds as per the speed permits for the road?
5. Can your child troubleshoot the vehicle in case emergency breakdown? Can you child change the wheel of the car?
Art of saying “No”, Good – Bad Friendship:
1. Is your child aware as to with whom to move about, make friendship? Is he/she sensible enough to choose friends wisely keeping personal safety in mind? What kind of activities is permissible with friends?
2. Can your child clearly put forward his/her thoughts to the friends? Is your child aware for what to share and what not to share with friends? Can your child gracefully say “no” to a friend without hesitation?
3. Can your child identify the righteous, good and positive friends? Can your child understand personal benefit in making friendship? Can your child avoid supporting a friend in a wrong task?
4. Can your child easily mingle around with family members of friends? Can your child take out time for the friend in case of need? Does he/she have such friends who can support him/her when in need?
5. Can your child be an ideal friend? Can he demonstrate good listening skills amongst friends? Can he listen to what a friend says? Can your child be friend that is desired by all?
The above are the chores that the said age group child can easily do. Parents need to assure that the child learns such basic skills and then can expect the child to develop scholastic achievement. Parents must take help of the school / class teacher if they face any issues while developing such skills in the children.
Wish you happy grooming of your child.

- Dr. Vishal Varia
- Rosary Education System, Rajkot

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