It always seems impossible until its done

Posted by The Open Page | 28th February 2018

“It always seems impossible until it’s done”
 Cultivating a success to score a very good percentage marks in board exam should be inside every student’s mind. Remember  students , You have to expect things of yourself before you can do them,
Start where you are ,need not to worry if you find yourself at the least knowledge stage, use what you have  first and then try to make your content stronger taking it as a base ,do what you can, don’t try to compare o self with others, strive for progress, not perfection as every time it does not work, Don’t wish to go for easier and shortcut way ,wish how you can be better, Push yourself, because no one else is going to do it for you and it is said that there is no substitute for hard work, Don’t’ waste your time in giving excuses that you don’t have enough time. You also have exactly the same number of hours per day which  the scholars were having who made the history ,Don’t believe yourself overconfident  and see that  your victories should not  go on your head but at the same time those who are failures ,don’t allow your struggle  to go to your heart. Here preparation plays an important role as success is the fruit which any one gets when there is a preparation and an opportunity. Preparation makes you confident to face the challenges, so keep habit to do the preparation in prior as it is said that “The best preparation for tomorrow is to do today's work superbly well.”
  Every students want to score good marks ,Let’s know the strategies to score more percentage in the board exam :
But before we go for advice , students you should know that roam was not built in a day. Practice makes a man confident and the effort should be there daily right from beginning. Eating in one day can spoil your digestion power system. So if you eat less but quality of food you will remain healthy in the same way if you think that you can memorize everything in one day then it is not possible  even though you are so good in studies ,to score good marks test your daily capacity of  understanding the content and to remember it in your mind and then fix your daily hours for reading and for practicing .Remember  if you will daily form a habit of reading and  understanding the content  ,your mind will be able to keep in a storage , some students need more practice to register in his or her mind and someone can remember at once, but preparation if done properly with time then it never makes you failure.
One thing I will say that ,yes every students are not able to stand in one line even though they work hard from the beginning but if hard work is from beginning the progress is the sure!!, generally what happens huge number of students do not take too seriously the first 9 month. They start preparing just before three months of the board exams.
Last three months should be kept  for only reading, revision or practicing ,before that preparing notes, collecting every stuff related subjects, understanding, clearing the content should be completed.
Some suggestion and guidelines to boost up your confidence and make your exam joyful.
A) Be your competitor : Keep one thing in your mind that you have to challenge yourself and have to defeat your previous scored percentage every time. If you get success in doing this you are going to win in board exam battle.
B) Work for task: Make sure with your hard work that your present has to be better than your past in studies .Accordingly make your plans towards your achieving your task. 
C) Make graph of  your progress: Making graph will help your to know  your status of progress and you will be able to find out how much you need to improve yourself and in which subject.
D) Go through with your syllabus Thorley: The syllabus books are the best ,which students should complete first Thorley and  always stick to the textbook as they are the base root and it includes the true significance of the  key to get success. Reference books are good supporter for the students those who want to take part in competitive exams after 12th class for extra and deep knowledge.
E) Find our your lacking: What are the lacking and weak points in you, find and take help to overcome with it. Check properly your answer paper of preliminary exam and list out the mistakes for each and every subject and rectify your mistakes and keep in mind these types of mistakes should not be repeated in board exam any more!!
F) Make  your handwriting readable: If your  handwriting is not good, try to make it better and work on it at least to make it in readable form.  Maintain neatness and cleanliness in the paper. It effects on the examiner. 
G) Time management to write paper: Every student should know to manage the time while writing paper otherwise even scholars can lose the marks.
H) Maintain your schedule: Take healthy sleep of 5 to 6 hours. only. Study  the learning subjects in morning time remains long time in memory. Utilize your activity time, proxies subjects and sports time for reading .Keep habit of at lest 8 hours.
I) Practice and solve at least 5 years previous papers: Now a days for practice you can take help of internet to search the previous papers too. Solve the papers without seeing the ans., and then check and rectify yourself. You will get guidance for all types of questions.
J) Check your paper properly after writing the exam: The question you don’t know keep for last to think and divide your time according to the weight age on the questions. 
K) Relax  night just before the exam: It is advised to  relax and take proper rest to prepare your  mind to appear for the exam with confidence. Don’t go for detailing ,just do quick revision of topics and just think you have prepared everything and you know it. Go for sleep early. You will b fresh for tomorrow . Don’t worry if any of the chapter is left out .Before exam do not discuss any of the things done or not done and be confident.
L) While facing the exam: With confidence read the questions  with same  focus as you have done enough practice of alike questions. Now make plan than which question you will attend first. Keep the un known question for last to think and write.
M) Priority : Always attempt 5 marks question first as when you face shortage of time it is not possible to solve these weight age questions. But you can easily do the 1 marks or 2 marks question even when shortage of time is there. Keep uniformity in writing with the given pattern in question paper. Keep your stationary  in spare.
N) Don’t hurry to leave the examination hall: Wait up to the last second of exam, even though you have written everything. Just revise your paper .Find your silly mistakes and resolved it. Cross check your objective answers again.
O) Some additional suggestions : Before 3 months of board exam put your whatsapp time wasting chatting, give rest to your face book, disconnect your self from attending parties, meeting friends, going out for fun.

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