Instead of degree oriental course we have to rethink about output we need in 21st century

Posted by Rohit Dave | 27/09/2018

Instead of degree oriental course we have to rethink about output we need in 21st century

By Rohit Dave, CEO-

In a cultural society like us, we must aware about standard of education should maintain in a big way. We have rich heritage of Indian culture. Any society who stands for long decades are only because of its cultured youths. As present we stands at juncture, where on one hand we have to go ahead by our value based education and on other hand we have to match over self with impact of virtual world.

Our late President and world renowned scientist Dr. Abdul Kalam always put stress on children’s education. Wherever he went around country he never miss to interact with students. Dr. Kalam believed that our education system requires certain reforms, both in terms of spirit and practically of the knowledge imparted.

Once Dr. Kalam said, “When the student pass out of senior secondary schools, they should have two certificates of passing 10+2 examination and of a specific skill acquired by him during schooling.

Our ancient system of Gurukul was so scientific that automatically become a ‘Bhar Vinanu Bhantar’ and student got residential schools so no need of carrying school bags daily the most tedious job of present system.

The medium of teaching is also very important. The mother tongue is the best way to learn. As we know our great poet Shree Rabindranath Tagore got noble prize for his Gitanjali was originally in Bangla and after he awarded noble prize the book was translated in many languages including English.

The present system was prepared by britishers who wants to create a clerk only. Instead of degree oriental course we have to rethink about output we need in 21st century. Like value based education.

Dr. Vikram Sarabhai, our great scientist and mentor of Dr. A.P.J. Abdul kalam was pioneer of Indian Institute of management and started new system to create intellectual students which was a milestone in our present setup.

If we ready to conscious about changes in present system let us join our hands and put aside our ego for the benefits of our future generation, a new characteristic noble, humble and pious mass to grow. We pray to the goddess of knowledge ‘Maa Sharda’ shows us the real path.


Mr Rohit R Dave is noted writer, columnist and translator. He is in the journalistic field for last 40 years. Presently CEO of the website named He started this site to promote Indian culture and heritage. He is writing weekly column in NavGujarat Samay’s Agochar Vishwa feature page. He started his journalistic journey from Sandesh Daily. He also wrote for column in Mumbai Samachar, Mumbai. He wrote 3 books regarding Occultism. He also translated book of noted writer like Shiv Khera and Sudha Murthy.

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