How to protect your kids from Heat stroke

Posted by The Open Page | 18th April 2018

How to protect your kids from Heat stroke 
As Spring warms up into Summer and the humidity and heat start to really set in, it's good to remember that, like every other member in your family, you need to take extra care with kids  They can become dehydrated in hot summer, which can result in falling unconscious or can get  the effect of sunstroke. 
Here's some basic tips to help you help protect them form hot summer heat.
To protect your kids from heat release from their body, give them  maximum water so that their energy cannot be drained out. Body will remain  
Be prepared for severe or disastrous weather that could disable power in your home. This will probably exacerbate the risk of heat stroke, as you will have a harder time providing cool water.
Consider using the basement when, Since it's underground, it will naturally be cooler.
Provide plenty of shade and ventilation to your house.
Instruct your children to be  indoors both on very hot days and during the hottest part of the day, and avoid them to play on the ground that will retain heat, such as asphalt and sand.
NEVER leave your kids  in the car unattended, no matter how quick your errand or how shady your parking spot is. Cracking the windows also is not enough to ensure the safety of your kid. 
pant  more small trees surrounding your area.
Make sure your kid has easy access to water, and if you're going to be out of the house, consider a water bag should be on the table .Putting ice cubes in your kid’s water will also help them keep their internal temperature down. Note: 
Bath them twice in a day to keep your kids cool and fresh. 
Give your kids cool treats, like ice-cream, juice of their taste, chilled fruits.
Take extra care with kids that have certain high-risk factors, including heart or lung disease, obesity.
While going outside the home take help of four wheeler, if not then cover your Head and body part with cloth .
You can apply shed  attached to your  two wheeler to protect your kid to have direct sun rays. 

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