Happy Basant Panchmi

Posted by The Open Page | 9th February 2018

 “Flowers, birds, sweets and kites,
Basant Panchami truly delights!”
When the frost of winter goes by and the vernal breeze starts caressing the face of earth then Spring enters and .spreads everywhere a feeling of pleasantness. Vasnat Panchami falls in the month of Magh Sud Pancham (fifth day of the month Magh, bright  fortnight). This is the month when the season of winter starts shrinking inch by inch and the temperate climate of Spring starts advancing slowly. This is the time of Northern Solstice which lasts for six months and considered as the pious month of Uttarayan.
The Goddess of knowledge Saraswati is worshipped during these days. There are three potential energies of the Almighty God, namely Goddess of wisdom (Goddess Sarswati), Goddess of strength (Goddess Durga) and Goddess of wealth ( Goddess Lakshami).
Our earth moves around the sun and it moves on its axis also. Earth is slightly tilted. When tilted portion faces sun then summer comes and when it goes far from sun then winter arrives. When the earth is in the middle position then it is neither too hot nor too cold and such climate prevails when spring and autumn seasons arrive here. Uttarayan falls in the month of mid-Jan when the climate is temperate.
During this month the vernal breeze, instead of giving a frosty pinch, starts giving a caressing touch. Fruits-bearing branches swing in air and petals of flowers bloom to spread everywhere a sweet fragrance. Mother Nature smiles in fullness. Filtered through leaves the Soothing sunbeams fall from cloudless sky. People like to sit in open space for getting the warm feel of sunbeams. Tuneful winds also produce a sweet melody to set the mood of season.  Surprisingly, the people of all ages whether old, young and small fly kites whole day and thus enjoy the festival of Uttarayan.
These festivals and social customs are performed to bridge the gap for coming closure. In this way we can unite and develop an amicable and good relations with other people which is important for maintaining peace and harmony in society and thus in nation as well. 
Neelesh V. Bhadoriya
Principal-VIP International School

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