Educators Challenges are as deep as the ocean and as high as the sky

Posted by The Open Page | 25th May 2018

Educators- Challenges are as deep as the ocean and as high as the sky.
In an increasingly complex world in which more or less radical changes take place at all levels of social life, we believe that we need to re-think education. The sustainability of the objectives and content of education have to be put to the test; teachers’ roles, the teaching process and school as a learning organization must be reconsidered.
 In the Professional Learning Community  , educators are become increasingly popular  in education system.  With the model  challenge   which emphasizes  on the areas of learning more than teaching, working collaboratively, and holding educators accountable for results. Why the  is required?  Educators challenges also  required , the aim to challenge the educators are  to encourage the development of innovative approaches and  to prepare the students for over all development , so it is necessary to   engage students and to involve  more audiences in discussions on better framework of global collaboration .Now,  assessment  have taken a New Shape Forum, we are suggesting educators to take on the outstand and remarkable task of creating knowledge and  can engage to get updated knowledge  always through various institutional reform  and  can become the winner in the Educators’ Challenge Race in every need.
 In every stream of education, educators of all subjects – whether teachers in schools and universities, journalists, content creators, PR-professionals, game developers, curators and influencers – all have a broad role to perform with challenge  in steering the conversation and increasing knowledge and positive action .This is the requirement of new modern time to run with the new and updated pattern,  as today’s competition at every stage have become very tough. 
We – the members – take the stress and challenge of education for preparing our youth and adults for a life as democratic citizens in diverse democratic societies.For the betterment of their future , a global workforce  is required  for the development of their personality and to make them an identity ,we focus on the conclusion which   gives  the image and  psychology of the teaching profession and  motivates, inspires  other educators to involve themselves  for giving best result.  We act to support the development of the values and competences of students that needed in their day-to-day practices to answer the challenges that lie ahead and It’s like to bite a bullet.
Schools always look for the talented teachers to justify, what students deserve. It’s a big challenge to give real solution in urban education as students always consider their teacher a role model and follows the pattern taught in the class. So when teachers are in learning theory, they gives multiple opportunities to practice students which gives space and methods to  utilize their  learning, speaking, reading writing and thinking skill. They put the “theory” into action to get the developmental results.
Therefore teachers have to   be the first learner to face the challenges and to bring the impact on education.
Where  education   has long been critical to human welfare, but it is even more so in a time of rapid economic and social change. The best way to equip children and youth for the future is to give them strong foundational skills, which talented teachers can give  and that will allow them to learn throughout their careers and their lives. Stagnant  and old method  cannot be fruitful ,only basic considerations can be carry forwarded but with new adaptations method of learning.  
Education has become like a basic need like food, cloth and shelter in the society ,it is  the key to success in life, and teachers effort  make a lasting impact in the lives of their students and framing their career . Teacher is the heart of the education system. So heart has to face many challenges to remain active and to supply pure blood circulation to the arteries.

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