Education Should Be Coupled with Moral Values

Posted by Ms.Milli Singh | 23rd August 2017


A teacher plays a key role in building a society and a nation. An anonymous orient list said, ‘If you want to destroy the civilization of a nation there are three ways destroy the family structure (mother), education (teacher) and lower their role models and references (scholars).’ If we undermine the role of these three eminent builders, seek no advice from them and give no importance any civilization can easily meet its decline. 
The innovations and trends in education at all levels have definitely tried to meet the growing expectations and challenges. Yet, when it comes to living a practical life based on the education attained we seem to be unsuccessful to a great extent. Our country is blessed with both natural and human resources, but what is that we are still lacking? 
I would suggest a major modification in the activity-based learning by merging it with our values, if we plan out value-based games focusing on one or two value in each game, it might help children in learning it practically rather than confined to few chapters in their text. The games planned should be associated with our values and rich cultural aspects. The need of the hour is value-based education. This value-based education should focus on producing efficient employees in diverse fields, It will help in preparing a statesman who will not waste time in finding loopholes of the previous government but work with sincerely for the people of his/her state. It will help in producing an environmentalist who will work for the conservation and protection of our environment. It will also help in building a reporter who will not simply work for TRP’S but on informative and positive news. In short, what we need is an education which would totally refine our soul and spirit and generate a person with strong character for all professions. 
According to the Bhagavad Gita, ‘Every person is bound to act in response to acquired characteristics of nature.’
Values are closely integrated to human life. They are intertwined with our daily chores. We all live by certain values. It is only the proportion and combination of positive and negative values which make a vast difference. Though today we are focusing on the all round development and enhancement of out tiny tots by bringing into education all the innovative and technical methods of teaching we are still unsuccessful to a great extent. 
The statistics of NCRB (National Crime Record Bureau), 2014 records an overall increase in crime rate in all the spheres. It proves that our education system is on a ventilator and needs a re-birth. What has really paralyzed our education system? Being a teacher I realized that our education system needs a complete reformation by merging it with our values and healthy cultural aspect. The three value gems, namely, morality, spirituality and humanity which are inter-related plays no such integral role in our education. Degradation of social and moral values has been observed and it is basically limited to few pages in our books. We need to cherish such values within each of us as it is the ultimate source for a positive social change. Today, though we are insistent that our children should get the best schooling but at the same time we forget on building their character. In short, we are progressing economically but the morality level is deteriorating or in some cases even diminishing. If this is defined as growth then it should be unacceptable to all. We frame our own definition and set own standards for each value as per our convenience. Can such modifications be positive and healthy?
It’s time that we introspect and answer few questions genuinely. Some questions worth pondering are. 
-- What is the correct definition of education? Can we exclude morality from education?
-- Do we want growth at the cost of morality? 
-- Where is our generation heading towards for a better tomorrow?
-- What would be the identification of our country? Would it be known as an immoral state in the future?
-- Why can’t India produce more people like Swami Vivekananda and Dr. A.P.J.Abdul kalam?
We all have to realize our goal and work together in proper coordination for a better tomorrow. The need of the hour is to focus on both the moral and spiritual development of our future generation. We need to sense out the spark within each life and kindle the life within each child with great care. This lightning is not restricted to any age or gender. We can ignite the lives of these upcoming generations by planning and blending it with the moral, spiritual and humanitarial values in our scholastic and co-scholastic activities and other extensive opportunities. We need to develop our insight and find the facts that are responsible for hampering the growth of our country and work on it. The educational transformation can go a long way to bring the desired changes. The reality lies somewhere back in our scriptures and ancient books which had a comprehensive syllabus to meet the requirements of the society and nation in real sense. 
In the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, “The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and think critically. Intelligence plus character-that is the goal of true education.”
The changes brought in such a way will not be reflected and visible in short term but will go a long way in building the character of the entire nation. There can be no innovation better than revitalizing our own energies and person within.
Ms.Milli Singh
S.G.Primary  School, Kadi Campus, 
Gandhinagar, Gujarat

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