Posted by The Open Page | 20/11/2018


The Prophet's Birthday (Mawlid an-Nabi) 2018 .The date 21st November is observed as a Mawlid ,which people recognized as The Prophet’s Birthday ,which is on 21st Nov., 2018.A huge celebration of the Islamic prophet Muhammad is organized everywhere by Sunni Muslims. Shi’a Muslims clelbrate it on the 17th of this month. The celebration of Muhammad's birthday was initiated by the Fatimid's. Muhammad is believed to be the last prophet. The Prophet's Birthday often is celebrated in a carnival manner, large street processions are held and homes or mosques are decorated and Charity and food is distributed, and stories about the life of Muhammad are narrated with recitation of poetry by children. The main significance of these festivities is expression of love for Muhammad, who was born in Mecca in the year 570 of the Gregorian calendar.

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