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Easter, which celebrates Jesus Christ’s resurrection (rising from death), is Christianity’s most important festival, celebrated in the month of April, every year. It does not fall on a set date. It is usually celebrated on the first Sunday following the full moon after the vernal equinox on March 21st. Easter is not just a single day celebration, it is an entire season, termed by Christians as season of  LENT. The preparation for celebration of Easter starts with the 40 days of lent season, commemorating Jesus spending 40 days in wilderness alone.
The Lent season begins with ASH Wednesday, which falls in the month of February. Lent season is important for Christians as they go through a period of penance. They abstain from all kinds of celebrations and merriment during this season.
PALM Sunday: The week which leads to Easter Sunday is called the Holy week. It begins with the prior Sunday of Easter as Palm Sunday. Palm Sunday commemorates Jesus’ visit to Jerusalem after his 40days in wilderness. People welcomed Jesus with palm leaves. He rode on a donkey and people lined on both sides with palm leaves. On Palm Sunday, the church celebrates with people holding palm leaves.
MAUNDY Thursday: Commemorates Jesus last supper with his disciples before he is nailed to death. On this day, Jesus washed his disciples’ feet and shared the bread and wine with his disciples. People enact this event solemnly as a part of the holy mass. The holy mass is followed by solemn adorations and worships throughout the night till Friday morning. This night of worship where people remain awake to be a part of the pain and sorrow which Jesus went through before his death on Friday, which is the Good Friday.
GOOD Friday: Commemorates the crucifixion (death caused by nailing to a cross) of Jesus Christ. During this day, Christians observe fasting and gather in the church and participate in the enactment of Jesus’ journey of agony and pain till he was put to death nailed on a cross.
HOLY Saturday: Christians gather on the night of Saturday to commemorate the rising of Jesus Christ from the death. Christians believe that Jesus Christ rose from death, and went back to his father, the GOD, along with his body and soul. Thus, relieving people of their sins. It is a moment of joy. The worship continues till the early hours of Easter Sunday. People greet each other having hot coffee and cake. It is a moment of Joy and sharing of celebration.
EASTER Sunday: The whole season ends with the celebration of EASTER, in the name of the risen god, Jesus Christ. Traditionally, being a sharing festival, people have their Easter Buns, Easter Eggs filled with chocolates, Easter bunnies and lunch with all the family members meeting, greeting and having lunch together. 
The Easter feast and the Easter Eggs form an integral part of  Easter celebration. Many games are played prior to or after Easter Feast. These include decorated Easter Egg Hunting, Egg tossing, Egg rolling, etc. Easter eggs were tools used to make this celebration a joyful community celebration where sharing and celebration of togetherness exists.
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