Celebrate Engineering

Posted by Nirja Oza | 15th September, 2017

 Celebrate Engineering (India)
What is engineering?
 Engineering is a profession in which scientific knowledge and mathematics, gained through study, experiment and practice are applied with intuition or judgment to develop ways to use economically, the materials or forces of nature for the benefit of mankind. This word has turned the face of the earth to look more interesting and accommodating.
When and why is engineer's day celebrated?
September 15 is celebrated every year in India as Engineer’s Day to commemorate the birthday of the legendary engineer Sir M. Visvesvaraya (1861-1962).
Internationally recognized for his genius in harnessing water resources, he was responsible for successful design and construction of several river dams, bridges and implementing irrigation and drinking water schemes all over India.
How is engineering useful in our daily life?
Basically everything you touch with your hands, an engineer has something to do with it. Cars needed engineers to design them, roads require civil engineers, mobile phones and computers need electrical engineers. Mechanical engineers design air-conditioning systems, building require engineers to  built; bikes, aeroplanes, satellites, electricity pylons, power stations, water pipes, all these require engineers to make them and keep them working. Engineers build airports, hospitals, fire engines, furniture, gaming consoles, etc.,
Engineering as a profession is a major player in the twenty-first century. Engineering is a unique profession and it has been changing the face of the earth for good. The world is upgrading and seeing clearly because of the importance of engineering profession in our society. Engineering is a unique art of organizing and directing the materials of nature for the benefit of human race. Being an engineer is coming up with solutions to problems that no one else knows the answer to. Being an engineer is being part of a profession that makes life better for humanity. Being an engineer is finding the answers to the challenges that confront society. Happy engineers day to all the dreamers, innovators, researchers, problem solvers, in short an engineer..
 Nirja Oza 
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