CLASS ROAM Beyond Discipline

Posted by The Open Page | 21st February 2018

CLASS ROAM : Beyond Discipline
Every one of us has travelled through the schooling days. Having gone through the first timers, crying to go to school, crying not to go to school, the C.W. and H.W., the vacation homework, the sports and competitions, the project works, the laboratories, the dissection and the H2SO4 solution, algebra and geography, how can we forget the stars as a good remark given in the notebooks by teachers and hands and the monitors and school captains – all a composite package that continues to produce the future citizens of our country.  It is a delight to see RTE privileged students also climbing the stairs in the schools. More so to the great voluntary mentors who at different stages of life instill education among the under privileged in a difficult environment, creating a classroom atmosphere in the woods. The classroom is destined where people gather to seek learning, under a tree, on a rock or just roadside. 
Home has always been considered as an institution where we start to learn and continue learning as a never ending entity.  The title is not a spelling wrongly spelt. It is classroom created by journeying. The practical aspects of weights and measures for example can be better understood at grocers, at the tailor, at the mall, at the theatre, at the picnic spot, at the bank/post office. Therefore it is a proven fact that classroom exists in every place we intend to learn or exercise our dealings. 
Simulation is a vital classroom technique actualized majorly beyond classrooms. The joint/nuclear families have taught us family values, finance, heritage of country, food and existence, planning, organizing, executing, prioritize, assess good and bad. The society has taught us social responsibilities, sense of belongingness, fight and forgive. Friends and acquaintances have taught us personal and professional attributes, being there at the time of need. 
Now the biggest classroom outside the usual four walls is the world over. We have been learning every bit. Talk about the latest how to fly a kite this uttarayan or the oondhiyu and jalebi delicacies accompanying the kites, or may it be the republic day and the service of the armed forces and our leaders who gave us this day. We learn about their dedication, sacrifice and Teachers/ mentors/ facilitators can try a few odd options and are assured of the most unexpected positive results. Some of the teacher’s concern can make the classroom learning fruitful and healthier mindset. 
Groom the weaker students than polishing the best
Core students’ team for guiding junior students
Give a chance to take initiative, plan and deliver – e.g. : event
Scope of focused lecture absorption by every student (some are slow learners)
Illustrations from real life than bookish
Field trips to enhance illustration/ understanding
Promote participative classroom dissemination
Always have a system of follow up with students
Understand the student profile than showing off what you know
Appreciate for a good sill or knowledge from students 
Building rapport, representing organization so work for yourself
I take this opportunity to salute the mentors who take it up for students with learning disabilities and see them shine. The classroom is to go around (not wander) on a journey on a learning spree. There are things you learn, there are people you learn from and there are instances that teach you. Life is a lesson no boundary bondage but flourishing classroom around. 
Be There to celebrate learning. 
Salla Vijay Kumar 
National Award Winning Lecturer,IHMA

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