Birthday wishes to Melody queen the nightingale of India

Posted by The Open Page | 28th September 2017

To create and nourish your talent, 
You have to carve it, like a sculpture. 
Natural talent is a concept that goes back thousands of years. Ancient mythology is full of stories of vastly skilled masters of their craft who were rumored to have been born with their talents – gifts from the gods. This idea of being born with a natural talent still persists today.
The science of skill acquisition has been the focus of a number of recent studies and books. As it turns out, we are born with very few, if any, natural talents and skills. Excellence is borne not of any particular innate ability, but of practice. In other words, you can be good at whatever you want.
If it’s possible for anyone to acquire any skill, why don’t more people do it? Why don’t they improve or get good at things they’ve always wanted to do dancing etc.,
It’s easy to dismiss the hard work and commitment behind greatness as mere talent, but we don’t realize how much is behind becoming a top performer.  Even talent requires, the mental toughness, the endless hours of practice……
We can give conclusion to our mind by knowing the effort done, to become India’s best voice. 
Nightingale girl as mostly known to us as Lata Mangeshkar ,, is the daughter of Pandit Deenanath Mangeshkar, (a theatre actor and classical singer) and Shevanti (Shudhamati). Born on 28th September 1929, Lata was not her original name given by. She was born as Hema but rechristened later as Lata after a famous character Latika from her father's play Bhaaw Bandhan. Lataji started singing at the age of five and studied the fine art of music with Aman Ali Khan Sahib and Amanat Khan, established and famous singers of that time. When Lata Mangeshkar entered the film industry as a playback singer, she was rejected because in that era, signers like Noor Jehan and Shamshad Begum ruled the roost with their heavy nasal voices. Lata didi's voice was considered too thin for that time. She acted in over eight films from the year 1942-1948 due to the sad demise of her father who passed away in 1942, leaving Lataji to fend for her family. With no success in these films, she debuted with playback singing for the Marathi film Kiti Hasaal (1942) but the song never saw the light of day as it was edited from the film.
Her, hardcore constant practice and not to leave the hope had illustrated and reflected the country that where there is a will there is a way. And proved that only inborn talent does not take a person on the top until you burn yourself to spread your light. to spread light you have to become a candle ,In born talent is a shine which is like reflection of a mirror, which needs a support of source to shine. 

She had an illustrious career in various roles, better at some than others. A God-gifted voice and her hardship towards music led her to become the most successful and celebrated female playback singer from the 1940s till 1980s. Her songs had touched the hearts of millions throughout the years and across borders. She also did some acting at the start of her career. 
Today with the great pride at the age of 85 also she is a heart throbbing singer and knows as a Melody Queen the Nightingale of India.
The message to young readers 
As Gardner provides water and nourishment to grow and blossom the garden, in the same way hard work provides nourishment to the talent to develop and shine.
Guts. , sacrifice, determination, commitment, toughness, heart, , That's what we all  need to touch the sky .
 So, Talent to get popularity needs support of   constant hard work.

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