Birth Anniversary of Rabindranatha Tagore

Posted by The Open Page | 7th May 2017

7th May calls for the Birth Anniversary of great Rabindranath Tagore. An attractive writer, a fascinating author, a thinker, a specialist, these are some traits belong to the Rabindranath Tagore. The word greatness is thrown around with ease of late. However if there’s one man really worthy of the honor, then it’s this Bengali initiate. Rabindranath Tagore is one in all the few personalities who stood by the sort of greatness along with his ability and experience. On this birthday of him, let’s not get into the history anymore and just find out some of the amazing life facts of him to add some added advantage to our knowledge. 

  1. He was the 1st Non-European to induce the Nobel Prize in literature but neither as a Bengali nor as an Indian however as an “ANGLO-INDIAN”.
  2. The Nobel Prize for literature never accepted by GURUDEV directly. Hence it had been accepted 1st by a British Ambassador on his behalf. And delivered to the author at Kolkata.
  3. He wrote national anthems for not India but also for Bangladesh but also for Sri Lanka. He wrote the anthem in Bengali. However later, when the country got its independence it had been translated into Tamil by dynamic few lines it had been formally taken because the anthem for the country.
  4. He was the second after swami Vivekananda who addressed the World-Parliament of Religions for double within the year 1929, 1937.
  5. Gurudev was severely crucial of the Indian caste system.
  6. In an attempt to challenge conventional methods of classroom education, Tagore established a university of his own, where he wanted humanity to be studied "somewhere beyond the limits of nation and geography".
  7. Tagore conferred the title of Mahatma on Gandhi. Albert Einstein and Tagore shared a love for music.
  8. On the occasion of Tagore's 154th birth anniversary, Slovenia, a country of just two million people in Central Europe, has planned multifarious ceremonies in honor of Tagore from May 7-12.

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