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As we all know today’s world is stepping towards digitalisation. So, there is a revolution of awareness amongst people. There are many types of payment methods used for transaction of money. Apps such as PayTM, Mobikwick, have contributed towards economic growth and digitalisation.
Did you ever believe that the currency can be virtually stored into your account? Well, that’s true, this revolution has been started in big countries and also in India, which is now spread World Wide. This type of currency is called crypto-currency.
Well, crypto currency is a computer encrypted currency, which is used for trade and business all over the world. This computer encrypted quality gives it authentication at the user and public level, as it gives encrypt coins and no person can access your coins unless and until he/she has your bank account details as well as your crypto account details. As this currency is in craze, several digital coins have been launched. The most popular coin is “BITCOIN”. It costs around 16,000 $ and 11, 15,386 in Indian currency. When it was launched in the year 2009 it costs 0.08 $ and 5.13 in rupees per coin.
Well, questions aroused frequently in our minds are how these coins are generated? These coins are generated through mines, not coal mines but digital mines. The work of these mines are to do mining of the coins whenever required.
India also has crypto- currencies, not one or two but hundreds. Among those coins, the most youngest and preferable coin is the “ATC Coin”, launched by Mr Subhash Jewaria in May 2017. When he launched this coin it was 0.50 INR but now it costs 80.34 INR per coin.
These ATC coins can be taken into your account buy registering your name into the crypto inbox. The main and the best feature of this coin are amazing:
1. If you purchase coins you will get bonus of 10% coins in your account every month.
2. If you reach the seventh level of recruitment by adding customers under your account then you will get royalty.
3. The coins after a fixed time period can be converted into BITCOIN.
4. The coin in bonus can be put on sale on any time but the coins purchased by you shall not be put on sale until competitions of 14 – 16 months.
All these things makes the world of crypto - currency amazing. Even I have witnessed craze for these coins at my very own house. These coins will be creating revolution. I think the future will be great and bright in the upcoming years.
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