All books talk, you just need to go closure to become the best friend

Posted by The Open Page | 18th January 2018

 All books talk, you just need to go closure to become the best friend?
We have seen from time to time people have amazed why reading is important. There, they find so many different kinds of things to do with one's time. Reading is essential for a variety of reasons. We will see that at some of those basics reasons below, but it is essential to know that efforts with the vital reading skills are not a signal of low intelligence. For example, John Corcoran, who wrote The Teacher Who Couldn't Read, is a very intelligent man. He graduated from High School and College, became a popular High School teacher and later a successful business man, all without being able to read. Many highly intelligent people have struggled in their carrier and have set an example, when properly taught; most people can learn to read easily and quickly.
Now, if a man like John Corcoran can succeed without reading, why is reading important? A person should really read Mr. Corcoran's story to get the feeling of shame, loneliness and fear that he experienced before he learned to read. He had succeed in spite of this major handicap because he was a man of intelligence, ability and determination
 Let’s Understand why to be familiar with it is essential:
1. To Read is a basic function in today's society. There are many adults who cannot read properly and are not enough capable to understand the instructions on a medicine bottle. That is a scary thought - especially for their children. Filling out applications becomes difficult for them without help. Reading road or warning signs is difficult. Even following a map becomes tough for them...
2. Reading plays vital role in finding a satisfactory and eligible  job. Many well-paying jobs require reading as a part of job performance. Works related reports and memos which is to be read out and if unskilled results increases the amount of time.
 3. Reading is essential because it develops the mind. The mind is a muscle. It needs exercise. Understanding the written word is one way the mind grows in its ability. Teaching young children to read helps them to develop their language skills. It also helps them learn to listen. Everybody wants to talk, but few can really listen. Lack of listening skills can result in major misunderstandings which can lead to job loss, marriage breakup, and other disasters - small and great. Reading helps children [and adults] focus on what someone else is communicating.
4. When reading is regular you are aware of new things through newspaper, magazine, internet and other with other reading sources. So every time we discover new things.
5. When we read continuously we develop an imagination power too. They can enter in imaginary world, can be a king or an can reach to the adventures place with the endless possibilities.
Dear young learners would like to say that, books are always considered to be the best friends. They take us through a journey of imagination and creativity. It is very important for us as parents, to cultivate the habit of reading in our children from a very early age. Children are attracted by colorful pictures animation and cartoons. This becomes, very important to introduce books with such content as early reading materials. Children will find it interesting and begin to love reading. reading books will help a child to instill many qualities. It sparks there, imagination, stretches their mind which results in great thinking process, questioning and reasoning, fills their mind with knowledge, expansion of their vocabulary, sentences and comprehension. They automatically develop fluency in their language. Reading will help parents to introduce great leaders and role
Models to children in form of stories. This will help parents to inculcate moral values. This will build strong character in kids.Parents must read stories aloud and with voice modulation like characters in the story. This in turn will make the session more interesting for the child. A small bed time story daily would give the mother a quality time together which will prove very fruitful and effective in long run with the child. The more we read more we know.....
Albert Einstein, the famous scientist once remarked," if you want your kids to do well in life, read to them fairy tales. If you want them to become great, then read to them even more fairy tales"
Let the world of magic unfold...!
Pooja Jayswal

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